North Queensland ‘Super Hub’ to Produce Green Hydrogen Using Wind and Solar – Here’s Everything to Know

North Queensland ‘Super Hub’ to Produce Green Hydrogen Using Wind and Solar – Here’s Everything to Know

It Matters to You, top providers of cash for cars Melbourne-wide, reveal everything to know about North Queensland's new Super Hub.

It Matters to You

It Matters to You

MELBOURNE, Australia - January 11, 2023 - (

As consumers increasingly demand sustainable solutions across every industry, Australia is rising to meet the challenge by building a Super Hub to produce green hydrogen in North Queensland, and two major green energy companies have announced a collaboration to supply the Super Hub with green energy. It Matters to You, the leading providers of auto recycling and car removal Melbourne-wide, explains why this is such a monumental step forward for climate action and how the effects will be felt across an array of industries.

Australia has been identified as the perfect environment in which to generate green hydrogen, a sustainable, eco-friendly fuel alternative. To pave a greener path forward as soon as possible, a green hydrogen manufacturing plant called the 'Super Hub' is being built in North Queensland. It Matters to You explains that experts involved in the Super Hub project are forecasting that production will begin by 2027 - hopefully sooner.

Fortescue Future Industries and Windlab, two prominent green energy companies, have announced a collaboration to help the Super Hub generate immense amounts of wind and solar power in order to produce a suitable supply of green hydrogen. Not only will this green energy help to power the plant, but it will also be fed back into the grid to supply others with sustainable sources of energy. 

The demand for green hydrogen is increasing around the globe and major players are looking to Australia for the bulk of their green hydrogen imports. It Matters to You reveals that many pundits have named green hydrogen the most important technology in the race towards a climate-neutral world. 

By providing the Super Hub with a sustainable energy source, the world is well on its way to a greener future. To learn more about the future of sustainability in the auto industry, contact It Matters to You today.

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