MESH Automation to Showcase Innovative Cobot Depalletizing and Palletizing Solutions at MODEX 2024

MESH Automation to Showcase Innovative Cobot Depalletizing and Palletizing Solutions at MODEX 2024

MESH Automation will present its latest cobot depalletizing and palletizing solutions at the MODEX Show 2024. This participation underscores MESH's commitment to advancing automation in manufacturing and distribution sectors.

MESH Automation, a prominent robotics integrator and automation solution provider, has announced its participation in the upcoming MODEX 2024 Show. The event, recognized as the largest automation-centric material handling exhibition in the Southeast, is scheduled to take place at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 11 through March 14. Attendees are invited to visit MESH at booth number A12327, located in Hall A, to witness the cutting-edge technology firsthand.

At the forefront of MESH's exhibition will be a remarkable cobot (collaborative robot) solution, exemplifying the seamless integration of 3D vision technology for both depalletizing and palletizing functions. This innovative system is engineered to meet and surpass the end-of-line palletizing demands prevalent in today's manufacturing and distribution sectors. The highlight of the display will be a FANUC CRX25 cobot, equipped with a versatile end-of-arm tool, demonstrating the simultaneous depalletizing and palletizing of cases within a singular, cohesive unit. This dynamic system is adept at detecting, locating, and autonomously picking cases from pallets of cased goods, subsequently organizing these cases into neatly stacked pallet loads, primed for stretch wrapping, labeling, and shipping.

Moreover, the MESH booth will serve as a hub for interactive experiences, including video presentations and live discussions. These sessions will delve into the comprehensive range of packing, palletizing, and machine tending solutions that MESH proudly offers. These solutions span a wide array of applications, encompassing the utilization of sophisticated robot and vision technologies for the packing of cases, palletizing of diverse items such as bags, cases, totes, pails, buckets, and sheet goods, as well as the expert handling of pallets, dunnage, and slip sheets through MESH's suite of standard solutions.

In today's competitive landscape, achieving an edge is paramount. MESH understands this imperative and responds with its line of "ready now" pre-engineered cell systems. These systems are meticulously designed and proven to significantly reduce labor costs, minimize ergonomic claims, and deliver consistent throughput, thereby streamlining production planning processes.

MESH Automation, headquartered in Dawsonville, Georgia, is renowned for its extensive line of pre-engineered robotic function modules and bespoke automation equipment, catering to a myriad of industries and applications.

Contact Information:
Jim Webb
Director of Sales & Marketing
[email protected]

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