Maverick Motors Scores Big With Their New Customer-Friendly Public Car Buying Service

Maverick Motors Scores Big With Their New Customer-Friendly Public Car Buying Service

An easy alternative to selling a vehicle.

DALLAS - November 18, 2022 - (

Owner Barrett Roush, Samuel Dillon, Joshua Dillon, and the dedicated team at Maverick Motors are excited to announce their new Public Car Buying service that puts them miles ahead of the trailing competition. This innovative car-buying platform takes the misery out of private car or truck selling within The Lone Star State. Maverick Motors' new venture extends their already impeccable service. It is the ultimate no-hassle experience for their valued customers. Maverick Motors is a family-owned and operated company that emblazes the motto "We are here for you. A safe, simple process that beats every option." 

Anyone who has ever tried to privately sell their vehicle knows what a harrowing experience it can be. From screening the callers to planning a test drive, and then there are the grueling price negotiations. In addition, the right secure payment method has to be in place, followed by making sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order. Maverick Motors takes the sting out of car selling with their Public Car Buying service. 

Samuel Dillon says, "We come to you, buy your car, and handle all the paperwork the same day, so there is ZERO liability to you. To see if it's a price worth selling for, we provide a range of what we can pay prior to viewing the vehicle in person and making a final offer. The biggest difference with our company is the convenience of it all, the fact that we can check out their car and write them a check at their house, or office, and we take the car from there. We also offer valet wherever you need to go."

Customers are extremely impressed with this unbelievable car-selling experience. Chris H. wrote a five-star review: "There are few things in life that are as easy and painless as selling your car to Maverick Motors. Alex came out to the house, cut me a check on the spot, and even went to the bank with me to deposit it. Amazing customer experience, and I highly recommend them."

Maverick Motors is a staple in the community of Dallas with a long history of great service. They do things the old-fashion way with person-to-person contact. They focus on a level of comfortability with each transaction. Keeping the customer happy and at ease is key, and they endeavor to score every time. 

For more information on selling your vehicle, please contact Samuel Dillon at email: [email protected]

Or phone office: 972-945-5005 or visit the website:

Contact Information:
Samuel Dillon
[email protected]

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