Stuzo to Launch Altria Digital Trade Program Integration

Stuzo to Launch Altria Digital Trade Program Integration

Stuzo and Altria

Digital Trade Program Integration

Stuzo, the only provider of Wallet Steering®, powered by its Open Commerce® product bundle, announced today the launch of Altria's current Digital Trade Program (DTP) and forthcoming Altria Personalization Plus (P+) offerings for retailers, scheduled for Q3 2023. 

Stuzo's Altria DTP offerings will include Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and P+ programs and incentives. The Tier 1 program includes Scan Data with incentives per tobacco transaction as well as Consistent Loyalty ID incentives for repeat customers. Tier 2 includes all of Tier 1 plus Retail Digital Coupons and Unbranded Communications. Tier 3 includes all of Tier 1 and Tier 2 plus Electronic Age and Identify Verification (EAIV), Branded Altria Product Offers, In-App Marketing Campaigns, and Additional Data-Sharing Incentives. P+ includes all of Tier 1, Tier, 2, and Tier 3 plus Personalized Offer Targeting. Visit Stuzo's website here for more detailed information on Stuzo's Altria DTP offerings, including financial incentives. 

"Altria's DTP offerings include significant financial incentives for retailers starting at Tier 1 and incrementing with more and more incentives as retailers move up through Tier 2, Tier 3 and into P+," said Jake Kiser, Chief Customer Officer, Stuzo. "With intelligent member-by-member and wallet-by-wallet offer targeting capabilities, our Wallet Steering solution is able to more precisely target age-verified consumers inside of our retailer's rewards programs, enabling our retailers to get program members to buy more Altria products from them, instead of from their competitors down the street."

True to its mission of delivering unmatched value and business outcomes for retail partners, Stuzo does not retain any of Altria's financial incentives. All funding from Altria from all DTP levels go directly to Stuzo's retailer partners. We believe this best aligns Stuzo, Altria and our retailer partners to deliver the most value to the retailer and the Adult Tobacco Consumer 21+.

"We're excited to be one of Altria's first partners to bring Altria's P+ DTP capabilities to market," said Max Clark, Chief Growth Officer, Stuzo. "As we now offer Tier 1 through 3 programs and will be launching P+ with Altria in Q3 2023, we support our retailer partners across the entire spectrum of Altria DTP offerings and have become the only fully integrated loyalty, digital payments, customer experience, performance management, and CPG offers technology company in the convenience and fuel retail industry."

Stuzo's vertically integrated Open Commerce product bundle offers unsurpassed value, which Stuzo further bolsters, being the only loyalty technology supplier in the industry offering a contractual performance guarantee, committing Stuzo to deliver 50% more program members and 50% more program transactions relative to a retailer's current program. 

For more information on Stuzo's Digital Trade Program offering with Altria, please visit our website here or book a meeting with Stuzo's Vice President of Sales and Business Development to see where you benchmark. 

About Stuzo 

Stuzo, with its Open Commerce® product bundle and patent pending Wallet Steering® solution, empowers Convenience & Fuel Retailers to gain more share of wallet and customer lifetime value than possible with any other solution provider. Stuzo's unified Open Commerce products consist of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty, Transact for Contactless Commerce, Experience for Cross-Channel Customer Experiences, and Retailer Connect for Corporate-to-Retailer Program Management. Stuzo's solutions are supported by a set of program management services and Stuzo is the only supplier in the industry to contractually guarantee business outcomes with its 1.5X Performance Guarantee.

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