SimplyRFiD Releases Guide ‘Seven Steps to Implementing an RFID Inventory System’

SimplyRFiD Releases Guide ‘Seven Steps to Implementing an RFID Inventory System’

SimplyRFiD's new guide is a practical how-to guide for inventory practitioners to set up a modern RFID-based retail inventory system. Beyond theory, SimplyRFiD details the steps to be successful in the art and science of inventory management.

Wave iOS RFID Inventory System

Wave is an iOS inventory app with RFID

SimplyRFiD released a how-to guide on setting up proper inventory business processes. The seven steps SimplyRFiD covers are beyond just an outline - they are detailed with specifics on how to perform each step, why the step is needed, and guides everyone from starter to expert in minutes.

"So many of these inventory process guides on the internet are just honey pots. Theoretical, but useless. Our guide is the real how-to implement an inventory system,"  said Eric Richmond, VP of Delivery for SimplyRFiD.

"RFID allows extreme levels of accurate inventory requiring new business processes. Retailers' existing method of selling also needs to incorporate omni-channel sales tactics," said Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFiD. "If retailers aren't omni-channel and using RFID, where will their operation be in three years? This is why we are here - we focus on the thousands of retailers that aren't Walmart. We support single-store or multi-store operations and integrate to Shopify. This allows every retailer access to world-class inventory systems and omni-channel platforms at an affordable price."

The SimplyRFiD "How to Track Your Inventory with an RFID Inventory Management System" guide is available at no charge. The guide shows independent retailers how to compete with mega retailers - and beat them through better bespoke services the mega's can't match.

SimplyRFiD makes Wave. Wave is an iOS app connected to a handheld RFID reader that is perfect for retail stores in the 5,000-20,000 item range. Well-equipped Wave RFID inventory systems cost about $3,000 per location.

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