Domenica Di Pietro Creator of the Vintage brand Domenication

Domenica Di Pietro Creator of the Vintage brand Domenication

24Fashion TV had a chance to sit down for an interview with a fashion designer, Domenica Di Pietro, the founder of Domenication brand.

After receiving her Associates of Art Degree in Fashion at Brooks Academy of Design in California, Domenica spent over 22 years in the industry. In 2020, before the pandemic started, she built her studio and created her brand which is called Domenication, based in Canada, which is ready to wear vintage inspired collections! Her love for vintage was always incorporated into her collections in some form. All pieces are constructed and created directly from Domenica with focus on detail and craftsmanship. 

24FashionTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

Ever since I was young, my love for fashion has always been unquestionable! When I was in high school, I was always excited to watch Fashion Television with Jeannie Baker. It amazed me how Gianni Versace and all the talented designers created these beautiful masterpieces, relying only on their imagination and creativity. The freedom and the endless innovation and imagination these artists have has always been something I admire so greatly about this career. After watching the Runway of Milan/Paris and London, I knew that this was my passion, my strive, and my calling in life! 

Where do you usually find creative inspiration for your new collections? 

For my collections in the past, I had always found my inspiration from something or someone I loved or looked up too! Lately, I've been finding my inspiration in television and movies! I had watched the movie "Cruella" with my daughter and was so captivated by the clothing. The way the clothes have such a simplicity to them, yet are so endearingly powerful, truly left me star-struck. The clothing had truly memorized me, and is actually the inspiration for my new collection. This collection is solely based on my perspective of the movie "Cruella," and is by far one of my most personal favorites!

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How is working in fashion different from today than from when you started? 

When I started my career, there were no major social media platforms. Today, many designers have platforms to show their designs, express themselves to others, and to enhance and grow their business. Social media has such a big influence in the world today as it is used by most of the generation. There are many new trends on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram that can show off your collection/business to many people interested in similar things. Social media can also be used as inspiration from other people, places and lifestyle! Social media is very exciting to me, and I am going to take my social media platform to my best advantage!

What role do you think the media plays in fashion today? 

The media plays a massive role in the fashion industry today. The media can truly change your life, as different influencers and celebrities can possibly see your work and can help your brand flourish in many ways! By one person liking or commenting on a post, it can inspire them to purchase something they are interested in from your website and share it to many of their other friends. This cycle can continue endlessly, and can surely grow your business!

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How was your brand affected by the CoronaVirus lockdown?

I was in the works of building my studio during the first lockdown. This was very devastating, but it had also given me the time to focus solely on my studio, and making my dream studio a reality! I was able to open my studio, but living in Canada, we had several lockdowns. We never really knew when we would be able to open in person shopping again, so I had relied majorly on my online business. This was very difficult, though, as I had found many of my customers needed to try on my garments before purchasing. This definitely had an impact on my sales, and had an impact on my business.

What do you think about sustainable fashion? Should fashion be more sustainable? 

I have always strived myself on creating sustainable fashion and one of a kind pieces that I feel are not only necessary in our industry, but in the world. Fashion is one of the number one pollutants in the world due to cheap laborers. These people allowed manufacturers to create thousands of pieces of clothing, for cheap, affordable prices. These factories release so much pollution into the environment, and many clothes that are not used are left in landfills where they cannot be recycled or reused. This is why I do what I do! I believe that clothes should be made more sustainably, and with love. Every piece of clothing I make is hand made by me, and inspired by my love! 

What is your favorite part about being a designer? 

My favorite part about being a designer is using my mind, and ideas, and seeing them come to life! I love using my imagination to create my collections as I pick out my fabrics. The feeling of excitement and joy I get while creating my masterpieces is unexplainable!

How do you want women/men to feel when wearing your clothes?

I want my customers to feel elegant and beautiful in my clothes! I want them to wear them with confidence, and be comfortable at the same time! When they put my clothing on, I want them to be amazed by themselves and the way they look and feel! Making people feel beautiful is another reason why I love what I do so much! 

Can you shortly describe your brand?

My brand described the love I have for vintage and how I incorporate my designs with a touch of vintage in all my collection 

What come next for Domenica Di Pietro?

I keep growing in my designs and keep dressing people in my creations...

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