The Iconic Xenomorph sculpture that inspired Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ film series to be sold as 500 digital pieces on June 16th

The Iconic Xenomorph sculpture that inspired Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ film series to be sold as 500 digital pieces on June 16th

Particle, the fine-art platform led by ex-Christie’s execs, previously made history selling out 10,000 digital pieces of Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air’

NEW YORK , May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Particle, a digital fine-art platform and tokenizer of Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air’ painting, will give art collectors the chance to obtain digital pieces of the Xenomorph/Alien III sculpture from renowned artist, H.R Giger, the Academy Award winner behind the iconic Xenomorph design from Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi horror film franchise, Alien. The genre-defining sculpture is being ‘tokenized’ into 500 separate parts which will go on sale on June 16th on the Particle website.

This follows Particle’s debut and previous tokenization of Banksy’s “Love is in the Air” masterpiece which sold as 10,000 digital tokens called Particles and is now owned by over 2,600 collectors worldwide, including Beeple, Paris Hilton, and Kevin Rose. It has been exhibited at prominent art centers such as the ICA Miami and Praz-Delavallade Gallery in LA. Building on this momentum, Particle is dedicated to bringing forth masterpieces that foster accessibility through co-ownership.

The sale of H.R Giger’s “Necronom/Alien III, 2005” will take place on June 16th priced at $1,000 per piece, with Particle Collectors who already own Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air’ piece having a discounted price of $800, as well as enjoying exclusive early access to the sale. Co-owners will obtain subsequent voting rights on whether to sell the sculpture, should an offer be made on it. They will also be loaning the sculpture to the Particle Foundation, who will tour the work around the world.

“We are thrilled to unveil the addition of H.R Giger’s Necronom/Alien III to our fractionalised collection. Through the tokenized sale of this iconic ‘Alien’ masterpiece, we hope to bring Giger’s artistic legacy to an even greater audience. We believe art, film and music transcend borders and human-created boundaries, and few are better than Giger’s profound exploration of the depths of the human psyche through art to encapsulate this truth,” said Harold Eytan, CEO of Particle.

The sculpture will be showcased at NFC Lisbon’s prestigious Pavilhão Carlos Lopes from June 7-8th. Additionally, an exclusive party will be held for art enthusiasts on June 7th from 10 pm to 12 am at the Carlos Pavilion with all attendees receiving a digital certificate from the event which grants them early access to the sale. Following the appearance in Lisbon, the sculpture will tour the highly anticipated Giger exhibition, Metamorphoses, opening in Prague’s Hluboká Castle on June 11, followed by UnPaired Gallery in Züg for Art Basel and then Paris in 2024.

This latest sale is a continuation of the platform’s mission to democratize the ownership and enjoyment of art while providing an avenue to explore the power of the artwork itself. By turning carefully sourced fine art pieces into ‘Particles’ which are then traded on secondary markets, the company aims to increase the provenance of art while reaching a broader audience of potential collectors.

“Giger’s sculpture embodies the very essence of Particle’s endeavor, igniting profound reflections on the human experience and serving as a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations. This sculpture challenges us to contemplate our own mortality and the intricate relationship between humanity and technology. Through co-ownership and our collective passion, Particle strives to bridge gaps, dismantle barriers, and ensure that art truly becomes a transformative force that belongs to all,” said Loic Gouzer of Particle.

About Particle:

Particle was founded in 2020 by a team of leading figures in the art, technology and blockchain worlds. The co-founders of Particle include former Chairman of Christie’s Post War and Contemporary Art Loic Gouzer and founding CTO of Uber Oscar Salazar. Particle champions a more inclusive art world centered around co-ownership. Their mission focuses on democratizing the entire fine art experience, putting a focus on the art, education, access and ownership. Particle started with the tokenization of Banksy’s Love is in the Air at auction in 2022 for $12.9 million. The work was digitally fractionalized into 10,000 unique tokens, known as Particles representing ownership in the physical painting.Particle is now a community of thousands, building and collecting one of the world’s greatest fine art collections and ecosystems.

Via the Particle Foundation, the works of art in the Collection are stewarded and exhibited internationally alongside artists the Foundation chooses to highlight to its member collectors, and the world.

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