Revolutionizing Heritage Management: Global Cultural Resource Management Firm PaleoWest Rebrands to Chronicle Heritage

Revolutionizing Heritage Management: Global Cultural Resource Management Firm PaleoWest Rebrands to Chronicle Heritage

PHOENIX, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PaleoWest and Commonwealth Heritage Group, renowned leaders in cultural resource management (CRM) solutions, are excited to announce an official company rebrand. This new brand identity reflects the company’s commitment to ‘champion the past to build the future’ and signifies a major milestone in the firms ongoing evolution.

Chronicle Heritage embraces the idea of preserving and celebrating our rich cultural heritage while leveraging innovative solutions to support sustainable development and progress. The name “Chronicle Heritage” embodies the company’s dedication to document and manage our shared cultural resources. Reaching beyond the horizon, below the surface, and into the past, while providing comprehensive heritage management services and solutions that advance the shared interests of the community, the project proponents, and the industry. 

Founded on the principle of providing the very best consultants to clients across the globe, Chronicle Heritage places an emphasis on supporting clients’ needs, fostering new technologies that advance the industry while better protecting fragile resources, and promoting professional development within the framework of innovation and forward thinking. The firm prides itself on being the most innovative team of problem solvers in the business, leading to better products and more efficient services.

Chronicle Heritage’s brand promise distinguishes them from the competition, offering more than just the scientific expertise that ensures compliance with regulations and requirements. Clients can expect more than streamlined approvals through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that help achieve project objectives on time. Chronicle Heritage takes it a step further by being a heritage management partner that truly understands what matters most to their clients, professionalism, expert analysis, thoughtful execution, and refined project efficiencies. New knowledge emanates from their work, like new light spreading across the horizon.

“By rebranding as Chronicle Heritage, we are reaffirming our commitment to not only deliver exceptional CRM services but also to foster meaningful partnerships with our clients,” said [Shawn Fehrenbach], [CEO] at Chronicle Heritage. “Our clients rely on us to navigate complex regulatory challenges and give them peace of mind that their projects will remain on pace, while promoting the preservation and appreciation of cultural heritage.”

Chronicle Heritage’s success lies in its ability to create synergy among the community, project proponents, and the industry. By integrating stakeholder perspectives and considering the long-term impact of projects, the company seeks to ensure that heritage management is not merely a checkbox exercise but a collaborative effort that drives social responsibility and sustainable development. Like their new brand logo, the company is centered by a timeline, the horizon of human perspective, the surface of understanding.

The rebranding process includes a new visual identity, which will be unveiled in the coming days. The updated brand will be showcased across all digital platforms, marketing materials, and client communications. While the name may change, Chronicle Heritage remains committed to upholding the same high standards of excellence and professionalism that have made them a trusted leader in the CRM industry.

About Chronicle Heritage:
Chronicle Heritage (formerly PaleoWest) is a leading cultural resource management firm dedicated to navigating regulatory processes with empathy, focus, competence, and generosity. The firm provides cultural resource management services and solutions in archeology, architectural history, cultural landscape, heritage preservation, paleontology, technology solutions, and tribal consultation, that advance the shared interests of the community, the project proponents, and the industry. Chronicle Heritage is committed to delivering more than just compliance by offering tailored and proven solutions that align with the unique needs of their clients. Break new ground with Chronicle Heritage.

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