Zancan’s latest exhibition ORGANIC MATR to debut on April 13 in Brooklyn with appearances by leading
digital and traditional art figures in conversation about bridging the digital-physical divide

BROOKLYN, N.Y., April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today Artmatr, a New York-based art tech company employing robotics, advanced software imaging and painting technologies to bring digital art to physical life, announced the launch of its newest art exhibition, ORGANIC MATR, with leading generative artist Zancan, on April 13 during NFT.NYC. The physical pieces of art, brought to life by Artmatr’s team of artists, creative engineers and programmers, will be shown in collaboration with NFT Collective, an artist-led community of thought leaders and curators coming from both the NFT and traditional contemporary art space. Through the use of Web3, they aim to bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, by education and creative empowerment. The exhibition’s opening event will also feature two panels with some of the art world’s biggest names, including generative artists Tyler Hobbs and IX Shells, Bright Moments’ Seth Goldstein, dealer Sara Kay, Metaversal’s Matt Miller, writer and curator Anika Meier, ARTXCODE’s Sofia GarciaSebastien Sanchez of Christie’s and painter Alexi Worth.

Artmatr is partnering with NFT Collective to host a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the intersection of digital and physical art. By pushing the envelope of robotics and painting technologies, Artmatr empowers leading artists like Zancan and Tyler Hobbs to reimagine, combine and transform their works across various digital and physical mediums. This collaboration is forging a new frontier of possibilities for experiencing, curating and collecting art in physical spaces and Web3. NFT Collective, known for their expertise in both the NFT and traditional contemporary art space, brings a wealth of experience to this innovative exhibition. With a history of curating and organizing pop-up galleries, in both the US and Europe, the NFT Collective’s motto of bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds aligns seamlessly with Artmatr’s ethos. Each piece in the exhibition will be accompanied by a digital NFT, immersing attendees and collectors into the creative process and showcasing the endless possibilities when digital and physical worlds converge.

During decades of digital creation I have never stopped looking for ways to “get off the screen”. It is in the matter and the imperfection of the gesture that the most soul is found. Thanks to Artmatr’s tailor-made tools I am able to transcend my generative art background into a sensible form,  while sticking to the aesthetics that my collectors have grown to love.” said Zancan

Zancan is one of the leading generative artists of our time, alongside Tyler Hobbs, changing the tech-heavy notion of human-machine interaction into a lyrical redefinition of code and its profound implications for its impact on our very experience of nature. Steve Jobs once spoke about Apple engineers, saying that: ‘in a different age, these people would be poets and painters’. We believe that age is upon us –  where art and computing are becoming synonymous, pushing human creativity to an entirely new level.” said Artmatr Chief Creative Officer Ben Tritt.

Art and technology are merging once again in the Digital Art Renaissance. Working collectively, we  empower creators with a new toolset to connect their audience on a deeper, more interpersonal level.  A creative idea can live in a multitude of mediums. With blockchain technology we are able to bridge that gap and create new conduits in the contemporary artworld that widens the reach and impact of a creator’s narrative. This unique collaboration with Zancan bridges these worlds, and is the emergence of a new medium, ushering in the Digital Art Renaissance.” Said Ryan Roybal, CEO of NFT Collective

“The convergence of digital and physical art is causing a major disruption in the art industry, and we are thrilled to be part of this transformative moment,” said Rafael Feitelberg, Armatr’s CEO. “We feel privileged to have been selected by some of the leading artists of our generation to provide the technological infrastructure needed to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. In collaboration with these artists, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the art world, and we are excited to offer new ways of sharing their work with audiences and collectors alike.”

VIP guests will be given an exclusive preview on opening day from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m., after which registered guests will have the opportunity to hear two panel discussions featuring some of the art world’s biggest names.

The first panel, “Beyond the gallery: Web3 and the evolution of art experience,” will be moderated by Matt Miller from Metaversal, who will lead a discussion of how Web3 is changing the way we think about collecting and experiencing art by Seth Goldstein, IX Shells, Sara Kay and Alexi Worth.

The second panel, “The future of art in the digital/physical convergence,” will feature Zancan, Tyler Hobbs, Sofia Garcia and Sebastian Sanchez, as moderated by writer and curator Anika Meier, which will explore bridging the digital-physical divide.

Registration is available on Partiful with limited capacity. The exhibition will be hosted at Artmatr in Red Hook, Brooklyn at 133 Imlay Street (next to Pioneer Works), starting with an exclusive VIP first look at 1.30 p.m. and opening to the public at 4.00 p.m.

About Zancan

Zancan, a generative artist from Bordeaux, France, has been a painter and programmer for four decades. By synergizing his former practice as a traditional artist working with oil paint into the medium of computer code, he explores the graphical possibilities of a ‘figurative-generative’ art genre. Zancan’s series Garden, Monoliths, and The Lushtemples, which focus on rendering natural shapes with mathematical equations and programming code have become the top-selling collections on the Tezos blockchain.

About Artmatr

Artmatr is an art tech company that builds technologies to unleash artists’ creative potential, enabling them to transcend the digital and physical worlds. Artmatr does this through MATRing, the creative process of transforming digital files into unique physical art. Unlike printing that mimics a source file, MATRing applies cutting-edge robotics, imaging, AI and painting technologies to expand artists’ conceptions of what is possible with their work.

Press contact:
Federica Berra
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About NFT Collective

The NFT Collective is a group of thought leaders and curators with experience in both the NFT and traditional contemporary art space. Their mission is to bridge the gap between digital and physical art worlds, promoting a seamless fusion of creativity, innovation, and technology using Web3. By partnering with top artists and galleries, the NFT Collective is consistently at the forefront of cutting-edge art events and experiences. NFT Collective has appeared on panel discussions How NFTs are Changing Models and Markets at Art Basel, Creating the Digital Art Renaissance at NFT.NYC, Tezos Foundation, SXSW and featured articles The Currency of Rarity on Right Click Save. An active member of the VerticalCryptoArt Residency program and the WAC weekly, focusing on building a better environment for creators and curators within the Web3 space.

Press contact:
Ryan Roybal
+49 176 38151103
[email protected]

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