My Guangdong Story | French artist resets life in Guangzhou in his fifties for love and dream USA – English APAC – English

My Guangdong Story | French artist resets life in Guangzhou in his fifties for love and dream USA – English APAC – English

GUANGZHOU, China, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Guangzhou is the first city welcoming my works,” said Jean Michel Stanislas Garczynski, a French artist who has lived in Guangzhou for 12 years, during an interview with GDToday.

In 2010, Michel came to Guangzhou for an exhibition, in which his works were appreciated by Guangzhou residents. Then he decided to further develop his career in this city.

Guangzhou is a perfect place for sketches. I painted Guangzhou’s flowers like tabebuia chrysantha and bauhinia, as well as beautiful sites like Baomo Garden, Shamian, Pearl River, and others,” said Michel. 

Special custom in Guangzhou also impressed Michel a lot.

“I remember that, years before, I heard drums and shouting someday then I rushed out from my studio once I knew it was a dragon boat race going on downstairs. Then I painted while catching up with those boats, which were very fast. To finish this painting, I ran for four hundred meters or so and sweated a lot,” Michel told GDToday.

In 2010, aged 53, Michel met Suzanne, who is 28 years younger than him, at Guangzhou International Art Fair, where Suzanne helped Michel as his interpreter and assistant. After being partners at work for years, Michel and Suzanne have developed special feelings for each other. 

“Suzanne helped me a lot in my work and witnessed the shift of my art conception. I like her personality, her wisdom, and her herself,” Michel shared.

However, in the beginning, Suzanne’s parents were hesitant about their 28-year age gap, because they would like her to have a stable life. 

“Suzanne’s parents came to Guangzhou to live with us for a short time. We toured them around Guangzhou, pretending like work relations. We didn’t tell them the truth until they knew me well. And they have seen how harmonious and happy we are, so they gradually accept me,” said Michel.

Now, Michel and Suzanne live a peaceful life in Guangzhou, planning to have a baby this year and build their family.

Art and amour. These are the reasons why Michel loves Guangzhou.

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