Main Venue Event of 2023 Beijing Great Wall Culture Festival Held in Changping District

Main Venue Event of 2023 Beijing Great Wall Culture Festival Held in Changping District

Main Venue Event of 2023 Beijing Great Wall Culture Festival Held in Changping District

BEIJING, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Strolling through the history of the Great Wall, we are now writing a new chapter of culture. The “Mountain and the Moon at the Juyong Pass” in the course of the main venue event of 2023 Beijing Great Wall Culture Festival in Changping District, “Rendezvous with Great Wall at Mighty Pass Under the Bright Moon”, was grandly presented at the foot of Juyongguan Great Wall on the evening of September 23.

This Great Wall Culture Festival includes a main venue event, a high-level cultural salon, a summit forum and a number of thematic activities. With the Great Wall as a medium, culture as a link, the mighty Great Wall was presented to the global audience with an audiovisual language that is full of rich contemporary sense.

As night fell, the magnificently illuminated Juyongguan Great Wall with brilliant lights or fireworks announced the kick-off of the event officially. The main venue event in Changping District consists of the results release and launching ceremony, cultural performances among others. Through the release of the results of the Great Wall Cultural Belt series, the broadcast of the Great Wall Cultural Promotion Videos as well as a variety of programs and performances, the event has shown the world the magnificent architectural miracles and unparalleled historical and cultural landscapes in human history.

At the evening, literary and artistic programs with the characteristics of the Great Wall were also staged in turn. Ancient poems were chanted together, “Under a Border-fortress”, “Drinking Alone Under the Moon”, “Asking the Moon with Wine in Hand”, which was full of emotion and deeply moving; the original song “Enjoying the Sight of the Moon on a Platform in the Clouds”, which poured out the ancient inspiration of the Great Wall, itching the souls of our Chinese people; the song mix of “The endless Green of Juyong Mountain“, “The Mighty Pass of Thousand Miles” and “Four Seasons at Juyong Pass”, which revealed the magnificent and long history of the Great Wall, and built a Great Wall of poetry and music.

To better disseminate the culture of the Great Wall, Changping District, Beijing, where the Juyong Pass is located, has also initiated other activities simultaneously during the Great Wall Cultural Festival, such as Juyong Soul – Great Wall Themed Photography Art Exhibition, Juyong Pass Great Wall City Market and Juyong Pass Great Wall Cage Football Invitational. In the form of “tourism + intangible heritage + cultural creation + sports”, the cultural and tourism industry is promoted for high-quality integrated development, cultural resources are activated, tourism supply is enriched, the people’s love for the Great Wall is stimulated, and a sound atmosphere for the whole people to participate in the protection of cultural relics is created.

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