Kickstarter Campaign for BEAVERLAB Davcarve L1 to Launch October 10 with Discounts for Early Bird Supporters

Kickstarter Campaign for BEAVERLAB Davcarve L1 to Launch October 10 with Discounts for Early Bird Supporters

Davcarve L1: the world’s 1st multi-module laser engraver & creative center with newbie-friendly software

HONG KONG, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BEAVERLAB, the company that has been at the forefront of engraving and cutter technology, is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Davcarve L1, the world’s first dual-laser, multi-modules engraver and cutter.

The Kickstarter campaign begins Tuesday, October 10 with preferential prices up to 51 PERCENT off for early supporters of the world’s most comprehensive and cost-effective laser engraver.

Variety of Cutter Heads

The Davcarve L1 seamlessly works with nearly all materials, offering a world of possibilities through its versatile multi-modules system. With a quick swap of modules, the Davcarve L1 transforms into a dual-laser engraver and cutter, a precision CNC router machine, a DIY cutting machine or even an automated drawing maestro. In addition, the Davcarve L1 offers a variety of cutter heads that can be used in and with a variety of scenarios and materials and that can be quickly replaced.

Three Laser Modules

The Davcarve L1 offers three laser modules. The 540nm blue laser modules (10W and 20W) excel at precision engraving and cutting across an extensive array of materials, including wood, leather, MDF, opaque acrylic, fabric, dark glass ceramics and even cement. For engraving on metal materials like copper, gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel, the 2W infrared laser module is the ideal choice.

Powerful CNC Modules

With 10,000rpm ER11 spindle and 3.175mm spring collet, the CNC module will transform the Davcarve L1 into a powerful CNC router machine. It not only enables smooth and efficient carving on thick and hard materials but also allows for precise carving of thinner materials like PCBs.

Fine-Point Blade Cutting

The Davcarve L1’s Fine Point Blade Module has a secondary pressure spring and telescopic blade that allows users to achieve fine-point blade cutting with a reach of up to 14mm, making it perfect for cutting most flexible materials.

Create Hand-Drawn Artwork

For those who are not good at drawing but aspire to create hand-drawn artwork, the drawing module can turn wishes into reality. This module securely accommodates a variety of pens, with diameters ranging from 5 to 20mm and lengths from 80 to 190mm, such as gel pens, markers and ballpoint pens. By presetting art templates and parameters in the software, the drawing module will automatically begin crafting masterpieces.

Easily Replaceable Parts

It is easy to replace parts for the Davcarve L1, as all work modules feature a dovetail slot design, allowing for one-second installation and removal without the need for power or air connections, thus reducing operational difficulty and making it easier to use.

Davcarve L1 has obtained CE, FCC, FDA and RoHS certifications and all of its products and accessories adhere to international safety standards.

User-friendly App

The LaserCreate PC software is designed for handling complex projects that require precise design and detailed parameter settings. It is equipped with multiple languages and supports a variety of vector graphic formats, including DXF, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and NC. The best part? You can enjoy free updates for life with LaserCreate!

To support the Kickstarter campaign, visit LINK.


BEAVERLAB is a leading innovator in the laser engraver & cutter industry. We focus on the research and development of creative technology products, advocating the integration of technology and creativity to turn everyone’ s creative inspiration into reality. Find more information about BEAVERLAB at

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