Epidemic Sound launches ‘Topics’ in its most powerful music search engine update yet for content creators

Epidemic Sound launches ‘Topics’ in its most powerful music search engine update yet for content creators

  • ‘Topics’ helps creators find music for their productions and provides insight into popular music trends across various types of content, leveraging data from YouTube videos with Epidemic Sound music, which are viewed over two billion times a day
  • Four additional music search updates launched to create Epidemic Sound’s most powerful search engine yet
  • This announcement follows the news that Epidemic Sound’s catalog now contains 40,000 high-quality tracks, marking a continued commitment to simplifying soundtracking and saving content creators time

STOCKHOLM, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Epidemic Sound, the market-leading music licensing platform for content creators, has today launched its newest music discovery tool, ‘Topics.’ The new tool, coupled with several updated search functions, enables creators to locate the perfect soundtrack for their projects quickly and easily.

‘Topics’ enables creators to see what tracks are used in different types of content, acting as music discovery inspiration for their own productions. With over two billion daily views of YouTube videos featuring Epidemic Sound’s music, the tool is based on extensive data analysis of music usage trends and the underlying topics of YouTube videos containing Epidemic Sound music.

For example, a content creator that wants to soundtrack their yoga video can search ‘yoga,’ select the ‘Topics’ feature, choose from relevant hashtags such as ‘#yogaworkout’ or ‘#yogaclass’, and then see an ordered list of the most popular tracks used to soundtrack those topics.

“We know what the internet sounds like, understand how music is being used to take all types of online videos to the next level, and want to empower and inspire content creators with access to these insights,” commented Greg Elkehag Funk, Chief Product Officer at Epidemic Sound. “Regardless of a content creator’s inspiration, experience, the references they have, or what type of content they’re producing, our goal is to provide them with a comprehensive and relevant way to search and find music to elevate their content. Launching our most powerful music search engine update yet marks another significant leap in that direction.”

The first of four additional music search updates is a semantic search function, which builds on the ability to search using more detailed descriptive sentences, phrases or feelings, such as “music for a suspenseful movie scene”. Searches like this now give more refined results and empower content creators with the ability to search in their own words.

This accompanies a new search results page that logically categorizes results into matching themes, artists, and releases to save content creators time; a search query ‘suggester’ that guides creators towards likely alternatives if they don’t initially find a match; and an updated typeahead that predicts searches in real time and helps creators get to what they need faster.

“Searching for music can be one of the most time-consuming yet important parts of the creative process because the right soundtrack is crucial for elevating videos,” added Cathrin Manning, content creator and vlogger. “These updates make Epidemic Sound stand out even further as a music licensing platform and I’m excited to see how they will improve the process of soundtracking my content.”

The launch comes hot on the heels of the announcement that Epidemic Sound’s catalog now contains 40,000 tracks and is complemented by a number of additional recent product updates, marking a continued commitment to provide tools that simplify soundtracking and enable content creators to focus on creation.

To check out Epidemic’s full range of tracks and sound effects, visit https://www.epidemicsound.com/


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