elemense Evolves: The New “Kohgou Hinoki Plate Diffuser”

elemense Evolves: The New “Kohgou Hinoki Plate Diffuser”

A global home fragrance brand that presents serenity and a calm atmosphere to everyday life, introduces a new addition to the diffuser collection that is practical and versatile.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As elemense takes course to be well-known and sought after in high-end home fragrance stores in the U.S and Japan, it expands its offerings with its latest diffuser products. It is a two-piece white porcelain container called kohgou (ko-go), designed to hold a piece of the sacred Hinoki wood plate inside.

Kohgou is made of Hasami porcelain, a style originated in Nagasaki, Japan, where artisans have perfected combining tradition and modern design. Kohgoh takes a different approach from another diffuser item, the Pottery Stone Diffuser, which was released in 2022.

To enjoy kohgou, simply apply a few drops of the elemense diffuser oil (five fragrances available, sold separately) onto the Hinoki plate and allow the soft aroma to spread. Leave the plate inside the kohgou container without the lid on. The container is great for travel by using the lid as a cover. The Hinoki Plate diffuser refill is also available so that different diffuser oil can be used for the same kohgoh container— simply swap the diffuser plate inside it to enjoy more than one fragrance. It is recommended not to use multiple oils on to the same diffuser plate in order to maintain the maximum effect of the fragrance. The Hinoki Plate is also useful when placed inside a drawer or a small pouch to allow the fragrance to spread into the space as the plate becomes smooth after oil has been absorbed completely.

Being handy and versatile, kohgou can also be used as a container to hold small accessories or used as an incense plate with an incense holder. Each kohgou has a size of approximately 3 ¾  x 1 x  2 ⅜  (in) not including its package. The size of the Hinoki Plate is approximately     2 ¾  x ¼ x 1 ¾ (in).

Kohgou is designed to be used with these five elemense diffuser oils, inspired by the elements found in nature: suou (wood), kiyobi (fire), nukubai (earth), tetsukon (water), and sekishin (metal).

Experience the new form of relaxation with elemense.

The elemense collection has notably received the “Best Collection Award” in the Accent on Design category at NY NOW ®, the Market for Home, Lifestyle + Gift.

To see the entire collection and to place an order, visit elemensefragrance.com.

About elemense: A global home fragrance brand that was introduced at NY NOW in 2018, debuted in Japan in 2021 and at the Maison de Objet in Paris in 2022. With the foundation of Nippon Kodo’s 448 year history of artistry with fragrance, elemense offers new ways to enjoy fragrances that suit modern lifestyles. The brand strives for creating fragrances that connect between people and their space with a new form of relaxation.


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