Brea Reese Artist Series Launches with Josie Lewis Fine Art Watercolor & Thick Acrylic Collection

Brea Reese Artist Series Launches with Josie Lewis Fine Art Watercolor & Thick Acrylic Collection

Beloved fine arts brand Brea Reese to launch exclusive collection with artist, author, & art-business coach Josie Lewis to be sold nationwide

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brea Reese – A leader in the fine art space is excited to present a collaboration of 25 art products ranging from acrylic painting kits to tools and mediums for watercolor art with influencer and artist Josie Lewis best known for pushing the boundaries of traditional art techniques. Launching in September, these products will be available in Michaels stores and online at

“Josie has a special talent for making art approachable, accessible, and fun no matter your skill level. We are honored to partner with her to realize that vision. Best of all, we are thrilled to launch this line at Michaels, the leading art supply retailer.” – Michael Barker CEO, Momenta & Brea Reese

“Art is all about having fun! Everyone should be able to express themselves through art. Brea Reese creates art supplies that are both excellent quality & affordable. I could not be more excited to be launching this collection to bring art accessibility to even more people” – Josie Lewis

The product assortment will span a variety of art supplies and kits, all embodying the creativity and quality that Brea Reese is known for.

  • Complete Art Kits Acrylic Textured Art Kit & Printed Watercolor Kit: Two large, complete sets for the ultimate experience for hobbyists and newcomers. These kits include the paints, tools, & surfaces needed to start creating! Bonus, we have created step-by-step guided instructions with Josie’s exclusive online video tutorials accessible via QR code on the packaging!
  • Small Kits & SetsTravel Watercolor Kit, Tear-Away Palette Watercolor Set, Frosting Tip Set: Similar to our larger kits, these are designed for travel or smaller projects.
  • Surfaces – Our assortment of surfaces includes both printed and plain styles for watercolor and thick acrylic use from printed pads to wood panels and even a rainbow shaped surface.
  • Paints – Offering both watercolor pans, uniquely shaped in a flower design and of professional quality, and thick acrylics, best suited to create textured, touchable paintings. Designed in collaboration with Josie, these paints offer the ultimate experience with vibrant colors and ideal texture for a variety of art projects.
  • Tools & Accessories – With brushes, palette knives, palette paper, scrapers, washi tape, mica powder, and more you can create Josie’s signature looks as well as explore and create your own!

About Brea Reese®
A subsidiary of Momenta Inc., Brea Reese is on a mission to ignite artistic passion and inspire creators of all levels. From the very first tube of paint, Brea Reese has been dedicated to providing top-quality supplies that empower artists to craft exceptional masterpieces while enjoying the process!

About Josie Lewis
Artist Josie Lewis wants to make art fun and make fun art! Josie is an artist, author, TEDx speaker, lifelong optimist, mama, and color lover. She loves to get her hands messy with paint, clay, collage, resin, markers, mosaic tile (and more!) and you’re invited along on the journey! With over 3 million social media followers and over a billion views of her satisfying art videos, Josie is a tireless cheerleader of art and creativity for all.

SOURCE Momenta Inc.

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