Ascendant Art Launches AI Avatar App That Pays Royalties to Artists

Ascendant Art Launches AI Avatar App That Pays Royalties to Artists

Ascendant Art Launches AI Avatar App That Pays Royalties to Artists

The company’s socially responsible app uses patent-pending tech to determine artist royalty for its AI art

BOULDER, Colo., May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a move to use Generative AI responsibly, Ascendant Art has launched an AI Avatar generator app that compensates the artists whose art was used to train the AI. The company trains its AI Avatar maker with art submitted by artists to its content-creator website. The company has developed a technology to calculate and pay out the royalty due each artist for their contribution to each avatar sold.

The AI Avatar App is now available for iOS devices featuring:

  • Best facial likeness in the category
  • Quick and easy steps to capture ideal facial likeness
  • Large variety of AI Avatar themes
  • Social responsibility – the app pays artists royalties by their contribution
  • Companion website for artists to upload their art and start receiving royalties

Download the app to see yourself reimagined by AI, while supporting artists.

The company disburses 25% of net proceeds from the sale of AI Avatars to the artists whose work contributed to that art. For example, if an AI Avatar was purchased that used 22% of the work of artist A, and 78% of the work of artist B, then the distribution is split so 22% goes to artist A and 78% goes to artist B. The company’s patent-pending technology uses AI to determine the proportion of each artist’s work used in each avatar generated.

View the website where artists register and upload their art.

“We’re excited to launch this amazing, user-friendly avatar maker app.” said Mitch Randall, CEO of Ascendant Art. But, beyond AI Avatars, the company believes its approach could have potentially seismic effects on how Generative AI is used. “Unless something is done, the proliferation of AI-generated art may threaten the very profession of art,” said Randall, adding, “We’re trying to make Generative AI the art community’s best friend.”

The company plans to eventually license its patent-pending artist-compensation technology. The company also plans to generalize the technology to other forms of Generative AI.

About Ascendant Art
Ascendant Art is an AI technology company focused on delivering the highest quality Generative AI content, and developing technology to enable the socially responsible use of Generative AI.

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Mitch Randall
(720) 244-1441
[email protected]

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