Stella Blue Ventures Announces Grand Opening of New Maryville Take 5 Oil Change Location

Stella Blue Ventures Announces Grand Opening of New Maryville Take 5 Oil Change Location

The new location is the 9th Take 5 Oil Change opened in East Tennessee.

MARYVILLE, Tenn. - November 15, 2022 - (

Stella Blue Ventures LLC, a franchisee of Take 5 Oil Change, has officially announced the grand opening of their ninth Take 5 Oil Change, located in Maryville, Tenn. at 1773 W Broadway Ave. This new location will be one of ten shops to open in eastern Tennessee by the end of 2022.

Stella Blue Ventures is proud to serve the Maryville community and, in an effort, to better serve and support local businesses, Take 5 Oil Changes' Partner Perks program has been put in place and made available for organizations of any size. The program serves as a great employee benefit for employers seeking to provide their workers with access to quality oil changes paired with fast and friendly customer service.

Through the Partner Perks program, local businesses can save money through competitive rates that cover the entirety of their organization's workforce. Employees can sign up for free and immediately enjoy the convenience of receiving a quick and discounted oil change at any of the nearby Take 5 locations.

With over 700 locations in operation across the United States Take 5 Oil Change has become a go-to oil change spot for millions of Americans. Taking inspiration from the hospitality sector, Take 5 Oil Change has transformed what was once viewed as a mundane task into an enjoyable, customer-centric experience.

Take 5 Oil Change is also offering a Fleet Program that is very beneficial for small, midsize, and enterprise-level businesses that operate fleets of vehicles. The program is a proven time and money-saver; on average, Take 5 Fleet customers save up to 230 hours per year (an average of four hours per vehicle), with cost savings of up to $4,400 per year (an average of $80 per vehicle). This is all thanks to the Take 5 business model - drivers remain in their cars, receive their 10-minute oil change, and can be on their way - no appointment necessary.

To learn more about Take 5 Oil Change or to register for the Partner Perks program or the Fleet Program, please visit

To learn more about Stella Blue Ventures, please visit or 

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Franchisees of Take 5 Oil Change - Stella Blue Ventures - We are a fast convenient way to get your oil changed, fluids topped off, and fresh new wiper blades. We specialize in oil changes, customer service, time management, and convenience. We have locations throughout north Georgia, Tennessee, and growing locations in the future.

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