Do Hydrogen Cars Offer a Better Future Than Electric? Some Experts Say Yes

Do Hydrogen Cars Offer a Better Future Than Electric? Some Experts Say Yes

Hydrogen cars offer an attractive alternative to electric vehicles and may play a key role on the road to climate neutrality.

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It Matters To You

MELBOURNE, Australia - November 2, 2022 - (

According to leading auto recyclers offering car removal Melbourne wide, It Matters To You, the key selling point for hydrogen cars is that they can refuel in about the same amount of time as a petrol or diesel vehicle and offer a similar driving distance. 

In the clean energy sector, hydrogen remains a heavily debated subject, says It Matters To You. While electric vehicles have become widely available in Australia, hydrogen vehicles aren't yet commonplace with very few refuelling stations across the country. 

It Matters To You explains that while both electric and hydrogen fuelled cars drive without any polluting emissions, the lithium ion batteries used to power electric vehicles have a finite life cycle and if they end up in landfill, the cells can release problematic toxins such as heavy metals. The mining of many of the raw materials used to manufacture the batteries also raises ethical and environmental issues. 

Countries and automakers around the world are divided on whether hydrogen or electric vehicles are the way of the future. Asia is betting on hydrogen cars as opposed to electric vehicles. The Japanese government plans to have 800,000 hydrogen cars on the roads by 2030 and China has set a target of 1 million by 2035. These ambitious targets are likely to bring down costs and develop the supply chain, explains It Matters To You.

Toyota and Hyundai are investing heavily in hydrogen while BMW says there is a key place for hydrogen-powered cars to fit alongside electric ones. From the end of this year, BMW plans to launch a number of test hydrogen vehicles.

The issue is that the initial investment risk of building hydrogen infrastructure is too high for a single company to tackle so there needs to be planning and coordination that brings together governments, industry and investors, suggests It Matters To You. 

Offering car removal Melbourne wide, It Matters To You is on a mission to create a social movement by educating the community on the importance of sustainable and responsible auto recycling. To learn more, contact them directly. 

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