Dealers United Hosts Webinar on Decoding Google Analytics 4 for Car Dealerships

Dealers United Hosts Webinar on Decoding Google Analytics 4 for Car Dealerships

Opportunity for Car Dealers to Get Their Questions Answered by GA4 Expert

Dealers United Hosts Webinar On Decoding Google Analytics 4 For Car Dealerships

Colorful image promoting an upcoming webinar on May 22nd with GA4 expert Jasmine Smedley

Dealers United, a leading provider of digital solutions for automotive dealerships, is hosting the live webinar "Decoding GA4 for Car Dealers" on May 22, 2024, at 1 p.m. ET. This event will equip car dealers with strategies to leverage the full potential of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the latest iteration of Google's powerful web analytics platform.

Nearly a year after GA4’s implementation, many car dealers still voice confusion around the tool. Yet proper tracking of digital media investments remains crucial for car dealers, especially alongside the recent publication of NADA Data’s 2023 Full-Year Report. The study outlined an annual average spend of $381,883 per dealership in categorized digital media expenditures such as Social Ads, SEM, and third-party listing sites.

Google Analytics 4 offers a wealth of features and insights, but unlocking its true value can be challenging without hands-on guidance. During the webinar, Dealers United's Jasmine Smedley, Analytics & Reporting Lead, will delve into the most significant GA4 features that are crucial for car dealers. 

As an expert in GA4 and automotive marketing efficiencies, Jasmine will help educate attendees on how to set up and measure the impact of critical "Events" within their dealerships, ensuring accurate tracking and analysis of car shopper interactions.

In addition, the webinar will give actionable tips on how to customize reports specific to a dealership's goals, address dealers' frequently asked questions about GA4, and showcase real dealership report examples and best practices.

"Car dealers are unique in how much they invest in digital advertising, but many struggle with understanding how GA4 can provide information about ROI,” said Smedley. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t possibly expect to have a solid strategy. This webinar will empower dealers with the blueprint for how they can transform GA4 from a confusing technical whirlwind to a reliable tool and goldmine of information on their advertising efforts.”

Dealers United's webinar "Decoding GA4 For Car Dealers" is a must-attend event for automotive dealers looking to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the power of data-driven insights. Registration for the webinar is now open. 

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About Dealers United: 

Dealers United is the premier digital marketing partner for car dealerships looking to accelerate their online presence and drive more sales. Since 2010, we have worked with dealers to develop innovative and effective digital strategies that deliver real ROI. Our experts specialize in Social, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and—above all—building true partnerships with dealers. We take the time to understand each dealer’s goals to deliver VIP “white glove” digital marketing that drives real-world results.

Contact Information:
Brooke Jensen
Vice President of Marketing
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