Wholesale Accessory Market Launches New Wholesale Jewelry Line

Wholesale Accessory Market Launches New Wholesale Jewelry Line

Top Wholesaler's Latest Targets Current Consumer Trends

Wholesale Accessory Market, a leading fashion accessory wholesaler, is pleased to introduce a new line of wholesale jewelry available now.

Wholesale Accessory Market stays at the forefront of customer demand to provide retailers with merchandise the company is confident will be profitable. The new line features top fashion jewelry wholesale styles, notably seed bead earrings and other types of beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The beaded jewelry trend has yet to show any signs of slowing down, signaling to this experienced accessory wholesaler these styles will sell.

 Wholesale Accessory Market's clients are small boutiques and stores throughout America that have success with jewelry themes such as:

  • Western & Turquoise
  • Beach, Ocean & Sea Vibes
  • Christian Faith & Inspiration
  • Holidays Through the Year

"Seed bead earrings are an extremely popular fashion accessory," said Bailey Fayet, lead jewelry buyer for Wholesale Accessory Market. "We stock 100s of designs including top themes such as Mama, Teacher, Easter, Graduation, Baseball, Golf, Derby as well as other sports.  These earrings have become a must-have item in any fashion-savvy person's wardrobe. The unique and colorful design of seed bead earrings allows them to be both stylish and affordable, making them a perfect addition to any outfit. As this fashion trend continues to gain popularity, we expect to see even more creative and exciting designs emerge in the future. We're definitely looking forward to where this trend takes us!"

By incorporating the latest beaded jewelry designs into established, best-selling themes, the wholesale boutique store supports small retailers with appealing, fashion-forward merchandise their shoppers want to purchase.


Wholesale Accessory Market (WAM) has supplied jewelry, apparel and other products to small local businesses since 2000. Headquartered in Hueytown, Alabama, WAM is dedicated to providing shop owners with fun and affordable products their customers can be proud to own.

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