The Hottest Fashion Trends from Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

The Hottest Fashion Trends from Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

Paraiso Miami Swim Week, the highly anticipated fashion event of the summer, kicked off with a bang as designers unveiled their latest collections on the runways. Going beyond traditional swimwear, this year's event showcased a diverse range of styles, featuring resort wear, ready-to-wear, and even men's fashion. Attendees were treated to a spectacular display of creativity, innovation, and trends that are set to make waves in the fashion industry. Here are some of the notable trends spotted at Paraiso Miami Swim Week.

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Axil Swim

Taking viewers on an enchanting journey through the decades, the collection showcased a multitude of looks inspired by themes of Earth Wonder, Flower Power, Retrograde, Up to Par, and Dreamland.

24Fashion TV A27C0B0F 85D4 4F60 83EA 5F20552F2001 1687294405 jpegEach vibrant collection embodied the spirit of its era, allowing individuals to express themselves with confidence and style. 

24Fashion TV C905521D EAED 416C 9DCF 0677FF8D7C2C 1687294451 jpegAxil Swim's Earth Wonder collection brought forth a blend of neutral earth tones, designed to complement and flatter a wide spectrum of skin tones.

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The renowned Colombian brand founded by a husband-and-wife duo, wowed guests at Paraiso Swim Week on Sunday, June 11 with the launch of their latest resort wear collection inspired by the vibrant city of Porto.

24Fashion TV 34F2656F 2FA0 423D 923B A0218C45F16F 1687294537 jpegThe event showcased a range of exquisite swimwear and ready-to-wear pieces, transporting attendees to a summer portside getaway filled with style and sophistication. 

24Fashion TV D18AE582 2F69 4481 B5FC B43923E05019 1687294550 jpegNot only does AZULU's collection encapsulates the spirit of summer, but it also showcases its commitment to sustainable fashion.

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Luli Fama

The renowned local Miami designer debuted its vibrant new collection Puerto Luli.

24Fashion TV 7F17D86A 9AC6 4BF6 BE0A 270AEE254B1B 1687295008 jpegCapturing the spirit of island hopping in the Caribbean, the show opened with a lively salsa performance before displaying their collection of colorful one-pieces, cheeky bikinis, and resort-ready wear, sure to inspire wanderlust and get you in a tropical state of mind.

24Fashion TV C4141AEB 2CC9 4A61 BE1E AF2F1D7D3586 1687295025 jpegThe collection was modeled by a star-studded cast of Luli Babes on the runway including Lele Pons, Cindy Prado, gueda Lopez.

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Natasha Tonic

The acclaimed swimwear designer known for her unwavering commitment to sustainability with her creations of innovative plant-based swimwear, unveiled her latest collection, 'Coral City'.

24Fashion TV 6653C673 10B1 4A18 8C4B CDF3AC1FD781 1687295490 jpegIn collaboration with Coral Morphologic, a Miami-based pioneer in the study and conservation of coral reefs, Tonics coral-inspired swimwear generated awareness of the dangers facing coral reefs worldwide. 

24Fashion TV A0A40072 DDB2 45B4 9954 A72D12342E77 1687295503 jpegEmbracing the use of natural, plant-based materials, like breathable hemp fabric in every piece she created to further minimize environmental impact. Promoted by JJPR.


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The renowned Canadian resort wear company, led by visionary designer Chantal Levesque.

24Fashion TV 90650E15 BD8B 4199 9B92 F0C6F036602E 1687295630 jpegThe event showcased its incredibly chic Cruise 2024 and Spring-Summer 2024 collections and displayed a tasteful assortment of swim and resort wear modeled by top talent including The Real Housewives of Miami star and Select model Julia Lemigova. 

24Fashion TV E43CBAA5 E29B 460C B1D6 602162DEAC73 1687295642 jpegThe Cruise 2024 collection featured luxurious swimwear and resort wear options, perfect for jet-setting travelers seeking a sophisticated yet effortless style.

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Matte Collection is a fashion and swimwear brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia, founded by fashion designer Justina McKee. Operating under the guiding philosophy of for women, by women, the founding idea behind Matte Collection is that every woman deserves to look and feel their best without having to spend too much money on clothes, and the company believes that embracing a clean, simple, minimalist look is the best way to accomplish this goal.

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Since its creation, with the support of its designers, staff, and beloved customers, Matte Collection has experienced massive growth, even crossing over into multiple major international markets. The company prides itself on being forward-thinking, and keeping the body, shape, and style of every woman at the forefront of both its clothing designs and its way of conducting business. Promoted by Purple PR.

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Paraiso Miami Swim Week once again proved to be a melting pot of fashion, innovation, and creativity. Designers pushed the envelope, presenting a multitude of trends that are poised to shape the industry in the coming months. From sustainable swimwear to gender-inclusive fashion, this year's event showcased the evolving landscape of the fashion world. As the sun sets on another successful Swim Week, fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the next edition of Paraiso Miami, where new trends will be born and celebrated.

Photography by Daniela Alaviie

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