SWIPEBY With AI: Giving Brick & Mortars the Artificial Teams They Never Thought They’d Have

SWIPEBY With AI: Giving Brick & Mortars the Artificial Teams They Never Thought They’d Have

A Local Business Can Now Leverage AI to Be More Competitive Against the Mega-Chains

SWIPE with AI Features

SWIPEBY now offers an AI guest assistant for upselling and cross-selling plus AI Reviews Management.

Brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants may just have gotten the extra boost they need to improve their business with today's launch of SWIPEBY with AI. SWIPEBY is rolling out a whole set of AI-driven features in its holistic direct-ordering platform that will use the power of AI to improve customer interaction and upselling purchases, making reviews more manageable and powerful, and improving marketing within. Additionally, local businesses that have traditionally fallen behind enterprise organizations now have an advanced tech engine working for them without needing technical expertise or large time commitments. 

"We give one-person and family-run businesses the resources of a savvy thousand-person organization," said Carl Turner, CEO and founder of SWIPEBY. "Using AI is no longer just a theory. We've actually put it into practice and our operators are beginning to take advantage of features that bring scaled, trained and specialized teams to small businesses artificially." 

Earlier this year, SWIPEBY rolled out its Snapshot AI tool for restaurants to quickly and easily generate food photos based on menu descriptions. Now SWIPEBY with AI includes a suite of AI features across multiple business functions. Upselling and cross-selling, reviews management, and remarketing are the first AI-driven features to be released. Businesses interested in learning more about the new AI-driven capabilities, click here

"We're excited by the potential SWIPEBY with AI offers our operators. By embedding AI into the SWIPEBY platform, we have quickly developed and released AI-driven features that give independent businesses all the advantages a megacorporation has and may even wish for," added Turner. "SWIPEBY is transforming the use of AI from single interactions, like creating a photo or designing a website, to incorporating AI into thousands of touchpoints and transactions every day. It significantly improves the way any business engages with customers and makes operational decisions. It will only get more powerful from here."

SWIPEBY Edda, AI Review Consultant and Remarketing are available now for select SWIPEBY operators. Deep Review Insights is in beta with social media management and pricing recommendations expected to be rolled out in July. Other AI features will be released on a bi-weekly to monthly schedule. 

Due to the popularity of AI and high impact of features, SWIPEBY has opened a waitlist for businesses interested in taking advantage of the capabilities. Those interested in joining the list can complete the form found at https://swipe.by/.


SWIPEBY is a commerce platform that gives brick-and-mortar businesses the ultimate in consumer engagement and business services tools. Its mission is to provide simple, innovative technology that helps independent businesses compete with mega-corporations. SWIPEBY was launched in 2019 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and opened an office in Miami, Florida, in July 2021. www.swipe.by

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