MOSSI SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

MOSSI SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

MOSSI SS24 Spring-Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week

It is with the desire to assert and stamp the MOSSI style that the new collection of the Parisian house, unveiled this Monday, September 25th in Paris, was built. After multiple artistic collaborations and social projects which allowed Mossi Traor to express his vision of an ethical and collection fashion, the winner of the Pierre Berg Prize of ANDAM 2020 wanted to return to the very essence of its brand. Like a return to basics, the Mossi Spring/Summer 2024 collection takes up the key elements that have made the reputation of the ready-to-wear brand created in 2019. Architectural silhouettes remaining refined, clothing in movement, asymmetry, draping, or pleats are all specific to MOSSI contemporary couture that we are rediscovering this season. Magnified by sculptural cuts, as if molded on a body, the brand's typical fabrics such as Korean cotton poplin, soft wool, denim and Japanese organza meet linen and gabardine. Faithful to the refined spirit of the brand, these materials are presented in colors but also in exclusive shades, such as saffron and eggplant.

The silhouettes

In this new collection, MOSSI rethinks its most iconic pieces: skirt with pleated and asymmetrical panels - worn over pants or wide jeans - graphic trapeze dress, shirt with asymmetrical lengths or even exaggeratedly blousey pants. To these key elements are added new interpretations, such as a wrap skirt with irregular lines, a top draped around the body or geometric coats with panels. Revolving around a style as sophisticated as streetwear, architectural as it is deconstructed, the collection reflects the very identity of the house, focused on urban and contemporary couture.

The inspirations

As a moodboard of its visual identity, the SS24 collection reflects all the inspirations dear to Mossi. The cuts and volumes of the collection here take up the architectural, contemporary, and asymmetrical work of the South Korean artist Lee Bul, whose works nourish the creative vision of the French designer.

The pieces draped around the body are reminiscent of the traditional sari while the pleats evoke the work of Issey Miyake, but also Madame Grs. Passionate about her work since the beginning, Mossi regularly pays homage to the fabric sculptor through his creations. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of the Parisian designer, the label naturally wanted to honor her heritage, this time by integrating the famous pli Grs into its collection through three particularly identifiable silhouettes.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 001 1695736023 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 002 1695736027 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 003 1695736030 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 004 1695736032 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 005 1695736035 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 006 1695736039 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 007 1695736042 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 008 1695736045 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 009 1695736048 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 010 1695736051 jpg24Fashion TV MOSSI SS24 011 1695736054 jpg

Photo: Press Mossi

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

Fashion & RetailMOSSI SS24 during Paris Fashion Week
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