Lula Convenience and Core-Mark Join Forces to Transform Convenience Retail: Unveiling Seamless Online Delivery and Food Service Revolution

Lula Convenience and Core-Mark Join Forces to Transform Convenience Retail: Unveiling Seamless Online Delivery and Food Service Revolution

Lula Convenience, the pioneers in the world of convenience retail e-commerce, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Core-Mark, a subsidiary of Performance Food Group (PFG). As a premier distributor in the convenience retail industry, Core-Mark offers a comprehensive suite of products, cutting-edge marketing programs, and advanced technology solutions, serving approximately 50,000 customer locations across the United States and Canada through its extensive network of 37 distribution centers. This encompasses traditional convenience retailers, drug stores, supercenters, grocery stores, liquor stores, and a diverse array of specialty and small format stores that stock convenience products. This landmark collaboration is designed to empower Core-Mark's extensive network of retail stores and chains, providing them with seamless access to a multitude of third-party delivery platforms while simultaneously streamlining their store operations through Lula's innovative platform.

Lula Convenience, based in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a forward-thinking technology company that bridges the gap between retail locations and all leading rapid delivery services. It offers a meticulously crafted, hassle-free experience tailored to the unique needs of retail stores - which helps locations earn about 30% more in top-line revenue through online e-commerce, and significantly reduces work for store attendees by consolidating all e-commerce channels (UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and many others) to one platform. Lula takes a hands-on approach to help brands improve operational efficiency leading to an increase of over 70% in customer uptime. Moreover, Lula's comprehensive solution offers customers access to in-depth reporting and analytics, seamless integrations with back-office and POS services, and the tools needed to drive operational excellence across all their locations.

As the food-service category continues to thrive in the convenience retail sector, Lula is on a mission to empower retail locations with the means to feature beloved Performance Food Group (PFG) consumer food brands, including Southern Fresh Fried Chicken, Contigo Taqueria, and Red Seal Pizzeria. Lula's platform seamlessly integrates these iconic brands into convenience stores' e-commerce offerings, enhancing their visibility and driving increased sales through easy access to delectable food products. This surge in foodservice excellence has been a boon for convenience stores, with industry reports indicating a consistent annual growth rate of approximately 10% in foodservice sales over the past decade. This evolution has also led to a remarkable 56% increase in customers who frequent these stores primarily for food and beverage options. Recognizing the potential in digitizing in-store food service to connect with nearby shoppers, Core-Mark has chosen to partner with Lula Convenience, paving the way for a new era of innovation in convenience retail.

"In the heart of every community, convenience retail stores provide boundless potential. We’re proud to help digitize incredible retail brands and are blessed to be able to help stores make their first dollars online using our service. As we partner with Core-Mark, we embark on a journey to amplify our impact, to empower more retail locations across the nation. Together, we're not just shaping the future of convenience; we're building a world where accessibility meets delight, and where every store becomes a vibrant hub of possibilities,” said Adit Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Lula Convenience.

“Order ahead and delivery continues to prove valuable for convenience store growth, especially in the food service segment. Partnering with Lula to be our preferred order ahead/delivery provider is another way that Core-Mark continues to support our retailer’s growth. Lula will be able to help our retailers not only grow sales through delivery, but also continue to support our focus on food service and our branded food service concepts,” said Curt ORourke, Vice President Of Merchandising, Core-Mark.

If you are interested in connecting your Lula platform, please contact your Core-Mark account manager, or complete this submission form to get started. 

About Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group is an industry leader and one of the largest food and foodservice distribution companies in North America with more than 150 locations. Founded and headquartered in Richmond, Va., PFG, and our family of companies, market and deliver quality food and related products to 300,000+ locations including independent and chain restaurants; businesses, schools and healthcare facilities; vending and office coffee service distributors; and big box retailers, theaters and convenience stores. PFG’s success as a Fortune 100 company is achieved through our more than 35,000 dedicated associates committed to building strong relationships with the valued customers, suppliers and communities we serve. To learn more about PFG, please visit

About Lula Convenience

At Lula Convenience, we’re inspired by a single goal: empowering every store to delight their customers locally and beyond. The Lula Store Platform is a delivery solution for convenience stores that do not have a  secondary sales channel, offering the first multi-vendor 30-minute delivery platform. Learn more about Lula Convenience at For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected].

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