L’Scher FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week

L’Scher FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week

LScher Winter 2023/24 Haute Couture collection during Paris Couture Week.


LSchers debut Haute Couture Fall/ Winter 2023 collection entitled The American Scream is an exploration of the life of Libbie Mugrabi, the brands Founder and Creative Director. Her evolution went through three phases, between July 4th 2018 and July 4th 2023, and a Gen-Z pilgrimage to the Supreme store with her kids, the artist, art collector, designer and philanthropist was moved to foray into couture but with a twist: Street Luxe fashion at the nexus of couture and streetwear. An ode to female empowerment, feminism and the dream of an equal future, meaning equality, the Fall/ Winter 2023 is Mugrabis premiere opus and taps inspiration from and pays homage to the last five years of her life her trajectory from living the American Dream to experiencing what her friends dubbed the American Scream.

Feels of contemporary glam and punk are entwined with a certain elegance and nonchalance, evoking a confidently cool mood. The color palette is opulent with a sweet spectrum of hues - fuchsia, fluorescence, white, mint, and darker tones of navy blue, red and black. Textural depth came through in the Swarovski knits and beaded ostrich feather ensembles that exude a certain sex appeal which continued in the punky couture diamond nipples. Double-faced satin strawberry dresses dance with bedazzled palette stunners and crescendo with glam rock mirrored gowns. In outerwear, oversized puffer coats and an oversized shawl-lapel coat ooze: opulent comfort. On the accessories side, couture hats (pumped with beaded feathers and mirrors), punky graffiti bags and embellished implants evened out the diamond nipples. The highlight of the accessories collection is the Outplant bra, a bralette merged with a medical-grade breast implant... moving breast augmentation into high fashion so women have an option of having breasts without risking their lives.

LSchers Fall/ Winter 2023 is an offering fit for those who have arrived at a place where they know who they are, where theyve come from, and what they deserve.

Harmonious style customization and effortless interchangeability are at the core of the collection. Thoughtfully designed to be styled in a high-fashion-meets-street manner, each piece and look has an irreverent style fluidity at the heart of streetwear melded with the splendor of couture. This unique design approach empowers individuals to curate their distinctive style and scream with stylistic victory. Tied to the US Independence Day, July 4th, the LSchers Haute Couture Fall/ Winter 2023 is a visual celebration replete with fashion worthy of fireworks.

Runway looks

24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 001 1688581932 jpg24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 002 1688581936 jpg24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 003 1688581939 jpg24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 004 1688581942 jpg24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 005 1688581945 jpg24Fashion TV L Scher FW23 006 1688581948 jpg

Text & Photo: Press LScher

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

Fashion & RetailL’Scher FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week
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