La Metamorphose FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week

La Metamorphose FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week

La Metamorphose Fall Winter 2023/24 Haute Couture collection during Paris Couture Week.


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The ocean is a symbol of power, strength, truth and hope. Our life is like the ocean, its flows and outflows. Just like the days that go by and the moments we havent experienced yet. There is a secret hidden in the depths of our existence...Sometimes we ask ourselves a question: what are we here for? What is our life's purpose? Or we are trying to find out the truth about ourselves remaining undiscovered and mysterious, like the blue waters of the ocean ; its depths and places that the human eye hasnt noticed yet... 

We are like waves, which are sometimes delicate and move as if they were dancing in the wind or gaining strength under the influence of a gusty wind. The waves are just like the people we meet in our lives, sometimes they are the open beauty of the water that allows us to make our dreams come true, or they can become a storm for the sails of our lives and goals. Our lives are often a journey on the stormy waves of the ocean in search of answers. As Vincent van Gogh used to say: "The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides, and in its depths, it has its pearls too" or as Lisa Scottoline wrote in her book Look Again: Bad things are like waves. They're going to happen to you, and there's nothing you can do about it. They're part of life, like waves are a part of the ocean. If you're standing on the shoreline, you don't know when the waves are coming. But they'll come. You gotta make sure you get back to the surface, after every wave. That's all. 

What is certain is that humanity and the ocean are inseparable. The ocean affects every human life. It shapes the Earth's climate, affecting our weather and human health. It provides food, sources of minerals and energy. What's more, it creates jobs and supports the economies of countries. It serves as a way of transporting people and goods. It is also a source of inspiration, recreation and discovery.It is also an important element in the heritage of numerous cultures. That's why it's so important to protect the ocean's system, because through human activity and development, we have led to its pollution, changes in its chemical composition (acidification), and the modification of its physical properties. We are obligated to care for the ocean as it sustains life on Earth, so we must live in such a way as not to act to its detriment. As Christopher Columbus himself used to say: "The sea will grant each man new hope... his sleep brings dreams of home." Today, this hope is needed by the ocean, which has no voice to defend itself... And our planet is our home, so let's live in harmony with nature and what we have received, let's value it because "we have no influence on the length of our life, but we can add depth to it and widen its range..." and thus live in truth and be guided by respect for what surrounds us... The collection consists of 25 models including chiffon dresses complemented by corsets embroidered with our pearl patterns, jackets and pantsuits embroidered in a pattern symbolising La Mtamorphose. A dress that is like the blue of the ocean. New materials draped in 3D forms without using prints but only through hand sewing and creative designs. 

The culmination of the collection is a white dress shimmering like the blue surface of water, which is the beginning of new life and infinity. The collection includes the colours of blue, navy blue, silver, cream and all the colours of the ocean. 

Runway looks

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Text & Photo: Press La Metamorphose 

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

Fashion & RetailLa Metamorphose FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week
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