Byblos SS24

Byblos SS24


Is Your Self Just an Illusion?

Can Your Self Survive Death?

Body and soul. Do they coincide with each other? Does the soul survive the body? Are we soul or is our brain? Is our personality imprinted by the soul or is it the result of material genetic codes, the product of organic reactions... or is it the indivisible union of the two?

This intricate enigma has fascinated Manuel Facchini, creative director of Byblos for SS24. Nothing is as it seems. Forms dissolve, dilute, fluidify, only to return, sharp, sculpted, rigorous. In this circular dance between soul and body, the Byblos SS24 collection evolves. The spiral, from which the collection takes its form, symbolically represents the union between soul and body, which in its evolution paradoxically tends to become fluid, until it dissolves, almost vaporizing.

Thus, the blazer "melts" into a dress, plastic and yet rigorous geometries. The jumpsuit and the high-tech jersey dresses represent a continuous evolution of flows that caress the curves, in a dialogue of effusions between soul and body, which reveal and yet conceal. At times, they bind indissolubly, like the iconic Byblos cups, both in the high-tech 3D thermoformed version and in the gel version, with sidereal chromatic shades.

The spiral, akin to the soul and body, undergoes a gradual dissolution within the dynamic evolution of garments, thanks to the force of centrifugation. It melts away, liberating itself in a gradual manner, creating elongated fabric ribbons that seem to melt and detach from the very garments they adorn. This effect is beautifully exemplified in the interpretation of cargo pants, available in both sustainable and crisp Shibaya cotton, as well as the garment-dyed version.

However, there are instances where the elements remain intricately intertwined. Take, for instance, the lightweight and ruffled jersey evening dresses that delicately embrace the curves of the body, caressing them delicately. In these designs, the soul and body are harmoniously united, creating an aura of elegance. Similarly, in the signature dress, the bodice spirals, symbolically separating the right and left breastsan allegory for the interplay between the soul and bodyonly to dissolve and vanish into an exquisite, asymmetrical train.

Manuel Facchini interplay of dissolution and unity within these outfits showcases the dynamic power of fashion, where the fusion of the physical and metaphysical aspects of being intertwine in captivating ways.

Among the accessories, a "must-have" are the original eco-sustainable 3D rhodium-plated black or chrome spiral earrings, created through sophisticated programs of parametric architecture, and the "Thrill" bag interpreted with shades that blend white with fuchsia, orange, or black. The colors of Byblos collection seem to reproduce the celestial horizons of distant galaxies, fading between fuchsia, Mars orange, and Wimbledon green, only to light up with lime. The concept of fusion extends beyond chromatic nuances and the connection between body and soul: in fact, it also manifests in the sublimation between reality and 3D. The innovative and technological character of the Byblos world comes to life through the collaboration with Style3d, where, in an ongoing evolution between reality and 3D, digital models merge and transform into a continuous and unexpected metamorphosis between reality and virtual.

A continuous induction that also embraces the fusion and blending between genres. In this message of inclusivity and diversity, boundaries become indistinct, allowing for a seamless convergence that knows no limits. This fusion symbolizes a celebration of individuality and acceptance, where the

fluidity of gender identities enables a profound appreciation for the beauty found in our differences. It is a statement to the boundless nature of the human spirit, where the soul's essence transcends conventional boundaries.


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