Agilence Unveils Agilence Store Audit for Retail and Restaurants

Agilence Unveils Agilence Store Audit for Retail and Restaurants

New product streamlines audits, enhances compliance, and drives operational excellence with ease of use, real-time updates and mobile accessibility

Agilence Store Audit

Introducing Agilence Store Audit

Agilence Inc., the leading loss prevention and operational analytics provider for retailers, grocers, and restaurants, today announced the launch of its new Agilence Store Audit product. Designed to streamline store audits, it helps companies ensure compliance, safeguard their brand reputation, identify operational issues, minimize risk, and improve the customer experience. 

Traditional audit methods can be complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Agilence Store Audit changes this by offering a user-friendly, robust, fully configurable platform that simplifies both the creation and completion of audits, assists retailers and restaurants in enforcing standards across multiple locations, and centralizes data for internal and regulatory compliance reporting. 

"Delivering an exceptional customer experience helps the best companies stand apart from the competition. That means making sure every detail is attended to, from safety, to cleanliness, to product placement," says Agilence CEO Russ Hawkins. "Combining Store Audit with Agilence Analytics and Case Management, retail and restaurant loss prevention and operations professionals now have a one-stop shop to identify and combat theft and loss, manage incidents and investigations, and ensure and enforce compliance." 

Key benefits of Store Audit include: 

Unrivaled User Experience: An intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface lets team members access, fill out, and submit detailed audits quickly and accurately. 

Mobile Functionality: Store employees can conduct and log audits directly through their mobile devices, even uploading photos, videos, and other files, expediting the audit process. 

Streamlined Audit Process: Customizable forms allow the easy creation of unlimited audits and templates that save time and reduce errors with no coding. 

Automated Operational Processes: Automatically trigger targeted audits and management reviews to follow up on areas of underperformance or non-compliance. 

Data Centralization: Consistent reporting and actionable insights from a centralized database to satisfy internal standards and statutory reporting. 

Dynamic Scoring: Flexible, weighted audit scoring highlights relative importance of critical areas. 

Real-Time Updates and Communication: Modify audit questions and scoring in real-time, allowing for immediate updates that reflect changes in policies, branding, or regulations. 

Your LP Toolkit All in One Place: Agilence Store Audit works with Agilence Analytics and Agilence Case Management to provide a full 360-degree view of what is happening across the organization. 

"Our customers need to keep pace with their business demands,” says Brian Brinkmann, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Agilence. “Store Audit’s focus is on simplicity and configurability, saving them time and frustration. We don’t want to own the audit creation or revision process for our customers. We want to put that power in their hands and so they can adjust quickly to their ever-changing requirements.” 

To learn more about Agilence Store Audit, visit the Store Audit webpage.  

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Brian Brinkmann
Chief Product and Marketing Officer
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