Agilence Introduces New Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Scale Production Modules

Agilence Introduces New Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Scale Production Modules

New analytic modules empower grocery retailers to manage vendors, optimize production, and improve profitability

Agilence Modules

Introducing Agilence Analytics Modules

Agilence Inc., the leading data analytics provider for retailers, today announced the launch of two new product modules: the Scale Production Module and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Module. These purpose-built additions to the Agilence Analytics platform are specifically designed to help grocery retailers optimize their operations and improve their margins. 

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Module: Maximizing Shelf Real Estate and Optimizing Vendor Interactions 

Direct store delivery (DSD) has become a popular distribution method for retailers. In this model, suppliers deliver products directly to stores, surpassing the retailer’s distribution center, and allowing the retailer to reduce inventory costs and improve management of in-store shelf space.  

The DSD Module is specifically designed to provide visibility for retailers into vendor activity. The Module complements point-of-sale (POS) data, allowing for analysis of delivery patterns, identification of invoice discrepancies, and tracking of vendor credits. Pre-built reports and dashboards reveal excess deliveries, delivery shortfalls, missing credits, duplicate invoices, and more. Users can analyze the sales performance, track inventory levels, and gain insights into potential sources of operational shrink. The DSD Module equips retailers with a dynamic solution to manage vendors, improve sales, and minimize shrink while effectively managing shelf space in stores. 

Scale Production Module: Boosting Sales through Precision 

The Scale Production Module is a game-changer for grocery retailers striving to optimize production and improve margins. By combining data from electronic scales and POS systems, it enables retailers to deep dive into product production versus sales trends. This helps identify areas of overproduction leading to spoilage, or underproduction leading to missed sales, allowing them to fine-tune production schedules. With the added ability to conduct cross-store comparisons, the Scale Production Module emerges as an invaluable asset for enhancing sales, mitigating waste, and streamlining operational efficiency. 

"Grocery businesses run on razor-thin margins, and they need every advantage when it comes to maximizing sales and minimizing waste," said Russ Hawkins, CEO at Agilence. "The new Direct Store Delivery and Scale Production Modules equip grocers with powerful tools to enhance sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability while minimizing sources of loss, whether from duplicate vendor invoices or deli overproduction." 

Following the launch of the eCommerce and Inventory Modules, this set of powerful new tools for grocery retailers completes this year’s release of new modules for the Agilence Analytics platform. Agilence continues to establish itself as the leading solution for retail, restaurant, and grocery analytics, and new customers can now access out-of-the-box functionality to immediately gain insights into a wide range of key operational areas. 

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