The 133rd Canton Fair: Gathering of Fashion Clothing to Revive the Fun of Dragon Boat Festival

The 133rd Canton Fair: Gathering of Fashion Clothing to Revive the Fun of Dragon Boat Festival

The 133rd Canton Fair: Gathering of Fashion Clothing to Revive the Fun of Dragon Boat Festival

GUANGZHOU, China, June 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair” or “the Fair”), a renowned international trade event, is showcasing the rich cultural heritage of China during the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional festivity brimming with fun-filled activities, delectable cuisine, and age-old customs. With an array of state-of-the-art exhibits, the Fair is geared towards enlightening global buyers on the significance of this occasion, and offering them a glimpse into the unique charm of the festival’s various folk customs, including outdoor excursions, dragon boat racing, and more.

The Fair collaborated with nearly 3,500 high-quality enterprises in the clothing field, including men’s and women’s clothing, fashion accessories, sports and leisure wear, footwear, etc, and showcased various trendy boutiques.

With the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival in late June, the Northern Hemisphere is officially in the midst of a blazing summer season, the perfect time for a seaside adventure, and beach excursion tops the travel list for many. Jieyang Shenlubao Shoes Co., Ltd.(“Shenlubao”), a fashion innovator, unveils its latest collection of LUOFU outdoor slippers and beach sandals at the Canton Fair. Among them, the sporty casual flip flops has a sole with excellent durability and softness due to high-quality EVA material. Its tapered upper design makes this product a must-have item for walking on the sand, playing in the water. To experience the latest fashion sensations from Shenlubao, visit their Canton Fair page at

Guangzhou Yongjia Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has made a lasting impression at the Fair with its revolutionary denim clothing collection featuring simple, comfortable, and fashionable designs that offer consumers a refreshing take on their outing outfit. The ladies’ casual jeans boast a 70% cotton material, mid-waist slim fit design, and side bone weaving design – all of which enhance the body figure and personal style. To explore more high-quality clothing pieces, visit Yongjia Garment’s store page at

Fuzhou Rainbowtex Garments Co., Ltd. (“Rainbowtex”) brings a series of high-quality outdoor clothing to the online platform of the 133rd Canton Fair, providing global outdoor adventure enthusiasts with a selection of good products that combine comfort, fashion and practicality. One of the highlights is its Stylish PU Rain jacket, boasting a unique contrasting color design that is both waterproof and breathable, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor activity. More delicate collections can be found on its Canton Fair page:

The Canton Fair is carrying a lot of fashionable outdoor outfits to show and pass on Chinese festival folk customs to friends all over the world. To learn about the latest information on the Canton Fair and exhibits, please register at or contact [email protected].

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