Resiners Leads the Way with World’s First Compact AirLess Bubble Removal Machine for Global Market

Resiners Leads the Way with World’s First Compact AirLess Bubble Removal Machine for Global Market

Resiners Leads the Way with World’s First Compact AirLess Bubble Removal Machine for Global Market

SHENZHEN, China, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Resiners, a leading equipment brand for resin art, has released an all-new AirLess Bubble Removal Machine to the international market. The pioneering product is the first portable bubble removal machine on the market that tackles the bubbles in resin creations efficiently and effectively with more fun – deeply removing 99 percent of bubbles in 5 to 9 minutes to achieve smooth and flawless resin.

With -95kPa ultra-high vacuum, Resiners’ proprietary UltraVaca technology provides a 90% higher vacuum than traditional household vacuum pumps, and it is coupled with automatic eccentric rotor technology allowing for a high extraction speed of 12L/min, which is 400 percent faster than traditional household vacuum pumps. The high polymer silicone ring cover keeps the vacuum degree at -95kPa during operation, ensuring consistent effectiveness, and efficiency.

The Airless Bubble Removal Machine features a smart one-click touch screen with dual time modes that enable users to adjust bubble removal time to suit the different needs of resin art craft, while reading the vacuum progress in real time.

The machine is made of premium ultra-high-strength PC material that can withstand high negative pressure to ensure safety. Functions such as auto power-off and safety protection also make the operation easier and worry-free.

The 2.23L bottle fits all standard mixing cups up to 500ml on the market. Its compact design offers a significant advantage as it takes up less room in the work area, making it ideal for resin enthusiasts to use in their studios or at home. Its internal noise reduction structure also effectively reduces noise to no more than 56 decibels, which is a 50% reduction compared to traditional vacuum machines.

“Resiners is committed to becoming a leading brand in the resin art crafting industry, empowering resin artists around the world to create flawless masterpieces with our cutting-edge technology and innovative products, we believe everyone can express themselves through the arts, and we are honored to be a part of this journey,” said Chuck, the founder of Resiners.

Aiming to improve the efficiency and quality of the processes of epoxy resin curing and mixing, Resiners has released three professional equipment – the resin curing machine, resin dryer box for cup turner, and resin bubble removal machine. With over one year of research and 5000 tests, Resiners has found the optimum parameters of temperature and time for resin curing, and has upgraded the technology of 3D thermal cycle to achieve even curing of resin in two hours throughout every season.

Holding the belief of “Never lose your passion and creativity,” Resiners has developed easy-to-use products and innovative designs which are perfect for anyone looking to explore their creative side.

The AirLess Bubble Removal Machine is now available on Amazon US, and official website with global shipping; and will be available on Amazon UK starting in August.

About Resiners

Resiners is the leading brand for resin art DIY enthusiasts, offering the first-ever resin curing machine and bubble removal machine for resin projects. Our commitment is to make resin art more efficient, fun, and accessible than ever before, with our slogan being “where art and tech meet”. At Resiners, we’re passionate about helping people realize their artistic potential, believing that everyone has a creative spark waiting to be ignited.

As a company with a mission to make resin art accessible to everyone, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. In addition to our bubble removal machine and resin curing machine, we have also developed other products that will be launched in the second half of the year. Resiners is an innovative brand that is changing the way of resin making. We believe that innovation is the key driver in the development of resin art, and we are committed to providing users with better and more innovative resin-making tools and experiences.

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