Luminex 3.0 Returns October 7-8, 2023 to Illuminate Los Angeles With ‘Feel Me’ Exploring the Alchemy of Touch and Embracing Relative-Oneness in a Captivating Public Exhibition

Luminex 3.0 Returns October 7-8, 2023 to Illuminate Los Angeles With ‘Feel Me’ Exploring the Alchemy of Touch and Embracing Relative-Oneness in a Captivating Public Exhibition

LUMINEX 3.0 presents world-renowned artist line-up to transform the streets of downtown LA into an epic outdoor digital exhibition, standing for two nights by public demand.

October 7th – 8th, 2023

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Living by their mission of unification and access, LUMINEX returns with LUMINEX 3.0, encouraging the Downtown Los Angeles community to come together and enjoy art directly on the streets. This is the third annual iteration of the highly-anticipated site-specific video art experience that utilizes architecturally distinct walls to display some of the most prolific large-scale work. Providing a platform for artists to tell their stories and reach a diverse public audience, Curator Carmen Zella, Founder & Chief Curator of NOW Art, presents Feel Me.

Embracing a uniquely vast tapestry of perspectives, LUMINEX 3.0 embarks on a journey of our subjective experiences. An investigation on the relative-otherness that makes LA a global cultural hotbed, this year’s LUMINEX intersects multiple forms of perception to connect with our dynamic urban community.

As Zella explains, “Artists, curators and audiences are presented with technology that advances and emphasizes sensory perception largely absent from everyday life. Within this exhibition, we leverage disruptive innovation as a means to push these ideas forward. Building from the intrinsic part of public art practice is the alchemy of site-specificity and chosen mediums that explore and bridge concepts and our collective experiences. Our title, Feel Me‘, is a play on touch but also speaks to connecting and understanding the basis of an individual’s intentions. A requiem for a contentious planet, ‘Feel Me‘ is an examination of a world that is seeking to embrace a collective way forward.”

Previous years have featured all-star line-ups including Nancy Baker Cahill, Sarah Rara, Luciana Abait, Akiko Yamashita, Carole Kim, as well as David Van Eyssen, Leah Smithson, Nate Mohler, Ryan P Griffin, Mark Hashimoto, and Elizabeth Leister. This year promises the return of fan-favorites and innovative new works on display. With Carole Kim, Sarah Rara, Laleh Mehran, Luciana Abait, and MUXX Project in association with LACMA Art + Technology Lab already confirmed, the 2023 programming is sure to be a rich tapestry of subjective experiences.

Creating space for more community enjoyment and conversations surrounding a diverse range of perspectives, this year’s LUMINEX spans two nights for the first time ever. With an extra night, there is room for a deeper investigation of the concept of relative-otherness that contributes to Los Angeles being a global cultural hotbed. Artists, curators, and audiences are encouraged to critically examine and explore technology to create a distinct collective sensorium. ‘Feel Me’ serves as a requiem for our contentious planet, exploring a world that strives to move forward collectively.

LUMINEX is an important opportunity to bring world-class immersive artworks outside of gallery walls and into accessible urban landscapes for the community at-large to experience together — free of charge. Public art exhibitions, such as LUMINEX, also present boundary-pushing works for marginalized communities who often face economic disparities, limited access to technology, and lack of resources to create or experience video art and experiential installations at this scale. The high cost of equipment, production, and exhibition spaces can create barriers for participation, as well as historically unequal representation, geographical limitations, and lack of educational opportunities. LUMINEX recognizes the importance of addressing these barriers and is working to improve inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in order to ensure that video art and experiential art can be enjoyed and experienced by all people and communities.

An inherently massive and transformative undertaking, LUMINEX is made possible thanks to the generosity of past sponsors, including Show Imaging, Panasonic Connect, Arup, South Park BID, and NOW Art among many others, and engagement from the community. With this two-night exhibition, they appeal to potential sponsors and donors to make the expanded experience possible.

LUMINEX is an award-winning outdoor digital art exhibition in the South Park District of downtown Los Angeles. Curated by Carmen Zella, Founder & Chief Curator of NOW Art, this annual exhibition is a site-specific video art experience utilizing architecturally distinct walls, all within walking distance of one another. Each year, LUMINEX showcases internationally acclaimed and emerging Los Angeles-based artists, providing a platform for these artists to tell their stories and reach a diverse public audience. With more than 40,000 attendees combined in 2021 and 2022, plus hundreds of thousands online impressions, this exhibition continues to be an astonishing success — gathering national and international recognition, press coverage, and case study inclusion. Among its distinguished awards, LUMINEX has been recognized by the local community as TimeOut LA – Best of 2021, a TEDx Talk on ‘The healing power of public art,’ and more. View highlights from LUMINEX 2022 here. Since its inception, LUMINEX has been made possible through a unique public-private partnership. This arts forward collective, including Show Imaging, Panasonic Connect, Arup, South Park BID, and NOW Art among many others, have donated their time, expertise and resources to make world-class public art accessible to all.

About NOW Art
NOW Art (@nowart_la), is a 360° public art agency based in Los Angeles. NOW Art’s progressive approach intersects art, architecture, technology and culture. We consult, curate and design contemporary public artworks, experiential activations, and iconic landmarks that reframe urban landscapes and inspire cultural, social and economic vitality. As a public art consulting firm, we work across all mediums from functional to digital art, architectural façades to interiors, temporary to permanent, private ownership to large-scale projects. Our agency is the only public art firm in Greater Los Angeles that has both for-profit and non-profit divisions working in public art management. Our Foundation is our charitable division whose mission is to elevate civic dialogue, diversity and inclusion, and cultural awareness.

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