IMAGINARI: A 17,000+ sq Immersive Exhibit Celebrating ‘The Insect World’ Set to Debut in Soho this Fall

IMAGINARI: A 17,000+ sq Immersive Exhibit Celebrating ‘The Insect World’ Set to Debut in Soho this Fall

IMAGINARI: A 17,000+ sq Immersive Exhibit Celebrating ‘The Insect World’ Set to Debut in Soho this Fall

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as IMAGINARI, an innovative exhibition space that blends the traditional museum experience with the playful spirit of the experiential trend, is set to make its grand debut at 480 Broadway this fall. The inaugural exhibition, “The Insect World,” marks the beginning of a series of captivating exhibitions that will run for 12 months.

Spanning over 17,000 sq, IMAGINARI offers a 60 to 90-minute ticketed adventure into the mesmerizing realm of insects. The exhibition space will feature awe-inspiring installations, including towering 5-foot bees that you can touch! A magnificent 12-foot cherry blossom tree adorned with over 200 monarch butterflies, a metamorphosis milkweed garden teeming with caterpillars, 6ft clouds surrounded by giant morpho butterflies, and the creations of world-renowned artists like Marlene Huissoud, whose work sparks environmental awareness and ignites a call to action. Huissoud’s works have graced renowned institutions, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and The Centre Pompidou in Paris. IMAGINARI will also showcase pieces by other gifted artists, such as Bronx-based John Goodman, Japanese fiber artist Yumi Okita, the Seattle-based paper art duo Moth & Myth, New York-based artist Bella Hatkoff, macro photographer Thilina Hettiarachchi, and others.

Beyond the exhibition, IMAGINARI will offer a world-class programming calendar. Kicking off with a book signing featuring Vicki Hird, acclaimed author of “Rebugging the Planet.”

Linda Uribe, the visionary founder of IMAGINARI, shares “We’ve meticulously crafted an exhibition that not only showcases the beauty and importance of the insect world but also invites visitors to reconnect with nature and be inspired to take positive action.”

IMAGINARI is poised to open its doors this November, and its debut exhibition will run for 12 months. It promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience that will harness the power of social media in a positive way, and hopes to both educate and inspire, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the often-overlooked world of insects.


IMAGINARI is an immersive exhibition space that redefines the traditional museum experience by blending art, science, and entertainment. Located at 480 Broadway in Soho, New York, IMAGINARI offers visitors a journey into the world of insects through awe-inspiring installations and world-class programming. Founded by Linda Uribe, IMAGINARI aims to inspire wonder, appreciation, and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit


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