This all-new exhibition brings forward the history of the Colosseum Underground as visitors are transported back nearly 2,000 years to Ancient Rome with an immersive tour experience featuring digitally projected gladiators, specialty curated artifacts and more!

NEW YORK, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hornblower Group announced today a newly reimagined Underground Colosseum tour in Rome, allowing visitors to experience the history of the Colosseum like never before. In partnership with the Parco archeologico del Colosseo (PArCo), this all-new exhibition and multimedia installation will transport visitors back nearly 2,000 years to Ancient Rome reviving the scenes of the passage of the gladiators from the tunnel that connected Ludus Magnus. The exhibit is now included as part of the Underground Colosseum tour and on sale now!

“Since the origin of Hornblower Group, environmental stewardship has always been a critical cornerstone to our business,” said Kevin Rabbitt, chief executive officer, Hornblower Group. “We are honored to partner with the Parco archeologico del Colosseo on this project as it aligns with both of our company’s mission to offer amazing services and experiences to our guests, while underscoring our work in environmental and social sustainability projects for the global good. We are proud of the foundation we have built as we continue to expand our relationships with like-minded partners like PArCo, by working together towards common goals in education and preservation.”

The newly enhanced exhibition, officially unveiled in Rome on July 20, showcases how Gladiators came from the Ludus Magnus, the gladiator training gym, through the underground secret tunnel to perform in the Colosseum Arena, acclaimed by more than fifty thousand spectators. Featuring a new sophisticated multimedia experience with holographic projections, those gladiators are brought to life depicting the walk on the original floor of the cryptoporticus towards to Arena in their colorful armor.

The exhibition also is enhanced through a curated collection of armor on display along the tour path, along with the original artifacts from the collections such as of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, the National Archaeological Museum in Naples and the National Archaeological Museum in Aquileia with weapons distinguishing the main styles of gladiators competing for victory.

“The partnership between Parco archeologico del Colosseo and the Hornblower Group was tailored and imagined starting from the mission of the PArCo — scientific and cultural project development aligning with the educational history of the PArCo,” said Alfonsina Russo, director of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo. “The exhibition design makes it possible to hand down the Colosseum’s rooted history to present and future generations. This has been a great opportunity to bring together two companies who are rooted in conservation to give back to the world a piece of history never seen before.”

Since 2011, Walks, part of Hornblower Group’s portfolio under its brand City Experiences, was one of the first tour operators to partner with the Colosseum and launched the Colosseum Underground Tour.  Since then, the relationship with PArCo has grown into building additional tour experiences by Walks throughout the iconic amphitheater. PArCo, part of the ministry of culture, serves as the government entity that manages both the Colosseum and Forum in Rome.

“Hornblower Group is proud of our continually expanding partnership with Parco archeologico del Colosseo and strongly supports the value added in the restoration to unveil parts of the Colosseum’s history,” said Stephen Oddo, senior vice president, Hornblower Group and president and co-founder of Walks. “This is a prestigious honor to work with a renowned institution like the Colosseum as Hornblower Group is one only international companies to partner with PArCo on a project of this scale and to have a plaque displayed onsite to celebrate the collaboration.  Colosseum Underground is a revered touring experience and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing this brilliant and innovative project to life by educating to the world on this remarkable piece of history.”

In the Colosseum Underground Tour, step into one of the most exclusive parts of the Colosseum for the eye-opening tour most visitors only dream of. This experience of Ancient Rome will provide you with insights into the bustling empire that formed one of the founding pillars of western civilization. In the company of a local expert guide, you’ll learn about the glory of the gladiators as you tour the tunnels of the Colosseum Underground. Immerse yourself in the space where men and beasts were kept amidst intricate staging machinery as they await their fate. As your small group marvels at how incredible the architecture of the Colosseum remains after nearly 2,000 years, your guide explains the seating plan at the average games – from the emperor’s seat to the gentry, peasants and finally, the ladies.

City Experiences, part of Hornblower Group, represents a diverse portfolio of experiences in major travel destinations worldwide and includes more than 25 brands, offering locals and tourists alike a broad range of global experiences.

In early 2021, Walks joined City Experiences’ growing portfolio of land-based experience companies, supporting the company’s overall business strategy towards growing its product offerings for its guests.  Walks began as Walks of Italy in 2009, guiding over a million travelers to attractions like the Vatican, Colosseum and St. Mark’s in Venice.  The company has since expanded globally with major U.S. offerings including the Statue of Liberty, and Alcatraz,

leading hundreds of thousands of guests on tours of top attractions. Led by only the best local guides, Walks’ tours are thoughtfully designed to offer a deeper insight into the culture, food, and history of their destinations. 

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About Hornblower Group
Hornblower Group is a global leader in experiences and transportation. Hornblower Group’s corporate businesses are comprised of three premier experience divisions: American Queen Voyages®, its overnight cruising division; City Experiences, its land and water-based experiences as well as ferry and transportation services; and Journey Beyond, Australia’s leading experiential travel group. Spanning a 100-year history, Hornblower Group’s portfolio of international offerings includes water-based experiences (dining and sightseeing cruises), land-based experiences (walking tours, food tours and excursions), overnight experiences (cruises and railways) and ferry and transportation services. Hornblower Marine, a subsidiary of Hornblower Group, provides vessel outhaul and maintenance services at Bridgeport Boatworks in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Additionally, Anchor Operating System, LLC, a subsidiary of Hornblower Group, provides reservation, ticketing, and website integration services for clients in the transportation, tourism and entertainment industries. Today, Hornblower Group’s global portfolio covers 114 countries and territories, 125 U.S. cities and serves more than 22 million guests annually. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Hornblower Group’s additional corporate offices reside in Adelaide, Australia; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; London, United Kingdom; New York, New York; Dublin, Ireland; and across Ontario, Canada. For more information visit hornblowercorp.com or  www.cityexperiences.com.

About City Experiences:
City Experiences represents Hornblower Group’s expansive portfolio of water- and land-based experience companies and includes two sub-brands: City Cruises and City Ferry.  City Cruises companies operate dining, sightseeing and private events across 22 destinations in the U.S., Canada and the UK.  City Cruises companies also operate cruises on behalf of the National Park Service and the Niagara Parks Commission and currently hold service contracts to provide ferry service to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, Alcatraz Island and Niagara Falls.  City Ferry companies offer specialized knowledge and expertise required to transport passengers, vehicles and other cargo safely across inland and coastal waterways, serving as operator of NYC Ferry and Puerto Rico ferry system, among others.  City Experiences’ portfolio of companies also offers a range of water- and land-based experiences including shore excursions, partner-offered experiences, multi-port packages, with companies including Venture Ashore, Walks and Devour Tours.  For more information visit cityexperiences.com.

About Walks
Walks is a global leader in tours and activities, operating walking tours, sightseeing, food & wine tours, and day trips in 29 cities around the world including Rome, Paris, Barcelona, London, New York City, Boston, and Washington DC. Specializing in small group tours with exclusive or special access, Walks works closely with Europe’s top attractions and, more recently, with major North American attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Alcatraz, and Niagara Falls. Led by only the best local guides, Walks’ tours are thoughtfully designed to offer a deeper insight into the culture, history, and culinary traditions of their destinations. For more information visit takewalks.com.

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