Groundbreaking Study Reveals Impact of the Arts on Communities Across America

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Impact of the Arts on Communities Across America

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Impact of the Arts on Communities Across America

Presented by Americans for the Arts, Study Includes the Role of the Arts in Diverse and Underrepresented Communities, Bringing Equity to Data and Reducing Systemic Research Bias

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Americans for the Arts (AFTA), the leading organization for research and advocacy for the arts in the United States, announces the findings of its Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 Study (AEP6), the most comprehensive economic and social impact study of the nation’s $151.7 billion nonprofit arts and culture industry.

The study surveyed more than 224,000 audience members and arts and culture organizations in 373 diverse communities across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. AEP6 marks the most extensive data collection effort in the three decades of the study, demonstrating that arts and culture are a critical economic driver of vibrant communities of all sizes.

“The data from the AEP6 study is a powerful validation that arts and culture are an economic driver at the community level,” said Nolen Bivens, President of Americans for the Arts. “Yet, the study also highlights the arts’ indispensable contribution to social and community development. This study underscores that when we invest in arts and culture, we build more livable communities.”

The AEP6 study broke new ground by prioritizing equity, social impact, community engagement, and inclusivity. With a primary goal of reducing systemic bias, AFTA transformed its approach for AEP6 and expanded to include participation by organizations serving or representing BIPOC and ALAANA identifying communities.

Key findings from the AEP6 study include:

  • In 2022, the arts generated $151.7 billion in economic activity.
  • Of this, arts audiences spent $78.4 billion on event-related expenses.
  • Spending by attendees to BIPOC and ALAANA events reflect national spending.
  • The arts industry supported a staggering 2.6 million jobs nationwide.

The power of arts and culture is extensive. Arts and culture beautify cities and towns, improve emotional health and well-being, bring residents joy, and celebrate and preserve diverse cultural expressions and traditions. It also provides opportunities for shared experiences that strengthen social bonds, create a sense of belonging, promote community pride and identity, and foster empathy and tolerance by enabling people to see the world from the diverse perspectives of their community.

Read the full report here.

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SOURCE Americans for the Arts (AFTA)

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