GEMO Collaborate with Switzerland Artist ELLA TJADER to Empower Women to be Brave USA – English APAC – English

GEMO Collaborate with Switzerland Artist ELLA TJADER to Empower Women to be Brave USA – English APAC – English

GEMO Collaborate with Switzerland Artist ELLA TJADER to Empower Women to be Brave

USA – English

APAC – English

BEIJING, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Women’s beauty should never be defined, and “she” should full of possibilities. Most women are not confident enough in themselves and unaware of their beauty. They are deeply affected by appearance anxiety and age anxiety, enlarging their own shortcomings. In recent years, the emergence of society’s stereotypical aesthetic impressions of coins put collarbone, elf ears, A4 waist, has deepened women’s anxiety, so that women always want to be the perfect other, but not themselves.

On this beautiful holiday of 38 Queen’s Day, GEMO joined hands with Switzerland female artist ELLA TJADER to celebrate women’s preciousness, presented the courage flower in the snow, broke the stereotype of female gazing, encouraged every woman to be confident and bold, young and forward. Meanwhile, GEMO has brought the brave power to fight against time for her, Switzerland’s top luxury anti-aging technology – ICE-RF anti-aging energy, wishing every one of her to bloom bravely like Edelweiss.

ELLA TJADER is a renowned illustrator from Switzerland who draws inspiration from the richness of nature in her exquisite, delicate, and elegant works. She specializes in fine and natural lines and rich colors, and her works are like a beautiful song of nature. GEMO was inspired by the Alps and the nature of Thunersee and Lake Brienz in Switzerland and the magnificent Switzerland mountains. Took the Alpine traditional spa physiotherapy as an anti-aging idea to study the mechanism of skin aging and discover the updated solution to fight skin aging, and achieved remarkable success in the anti-aging field of skin. GEMO joined an effort with Switzerland artist ELLA TJADER to empower women to be brave and celebrate their precious and unique selves.

ELLA TJADER said, “When GEMO contact me about joining forces to do something meaningful for women, to encourage them to be brave, I thought it was a very worthy thing to do. The beauty of Switzerland’s nature has greatly influenced my creative style, and this work was inspired by the serene Alps, where clusters of Edelweiss were blooming in the light with elegance. This original inspiration came from my own experience, as we often hike in the snowy mountains of Switzerland, at that time when we climbed to the heights of the mountains as if we can touch the sky, and the dividing line between the snowy mountains seemed to melt with the sky together. I used Switzerland’s national flower, the Edelweiss, because its language is bravery, blooming on top of the snow, noble and pure, very much like the character of current women. Regardless of their small body, they are bold and fearless, insisting on exploring their inner love. GEMO Switzerland’s luxury beauty device ice RF Energy gives women the power of staying on the ice to beautify their skin, making them beautiful forever even beyond time control, which gave me great creative inspiration. The Switzerland Edelweiss symbolizes brave women, the ancient Switzerland watches are representing the favor of time to them, and this is the power given by the GEMO beauty device. This power makes them brave and fearless, daring to break through the definition of age, a power that many women need. You just need to be yourself instead of others, brave and noble, young and fearless.”

GEMO Switzerland luxury beauty device carried the essence of Switzerland aesthetics, the R&D concept derived from the Thermage FLX, sapphire ICE-RF technology, no fear of sensitivity, and it controls temperature and takes care of the skin. Customized high-definition sapphire can effectively relieve EMS micro-current brought about by the sense of irritation, providing the skin surface with a comfortable sense and ensure that RF in the deeper layers of the skin sustained high-intensity action, during the tightening and lifting, to avoid overheating on the skin surface. No fear of sensitivity, assisting in enhancing the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect of the skin. RF anti-aging energy is multiplied by the ice-using experience, feeling like a cool breeze gently passing the face, though time flies, the skin always shines.

GEMO brand leader spoke to the reporter: “GEMO inherits the anti-aging shrine – Switzerland’s research philosophy, to control the anti-aging science and skincare aesthetics of the perfect balance, to bring self-pampering experience beyond over the imagination, to create a firming and lifting skincare effect, to help every woman to be the master of time and life, to obtain the ultimate beauty. In this beautiful holiday of 38 Queen’s Day, I wish every woman a happy holiday and hope that every woman can pamper herself from the heart, we all have a very strong female power.”

Undoubtedly, March is a time for women. GEMO collaborated with Switzerland female artists ELLA TJADER to create the Edelweiss Art Gift Box, the national flower of Switzerland, whose language is “bravery and love”. In the future, GEMO will continue to focus on women’s power and meet more consumers to provide women around the world with new solutions to fight against aging.


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