, Xverse, Bitcoin Magazine Announce Ordinals Alley Artist Open Call, Xverse, Bitcoin Magazine Announce Ordinals Alley Artist Open Call

Collaborating with esteemed curators from the web3 and traditional fine art space to highlight the new medium of art, settling on the longest-running and most secure blockchain, Bitcoin.

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, the open marketplace and creator launchpad for Bitcoin NFTs; Xverse, the most advanced and user-friendly Bitcoin wallet; and Bitcoin Magazine, the oldest and most established source of Bitcoin news; have together launched an initiative to showcase emerging visual artists at Bitcoin Miami 2023’s Ordinals Alley—the first-ever fine art gallery for Bitcoin ordinals, and presented at the largest Bitcoin conference worldwide.

Ordinals and inscriptions are a technology that allows artists to preserve their work and ensure its longevity. While some Bitcoin maximalists claim ordinals are spam, a growing number of artists are embracing this technology and leveraging Bitcoin as it was designed—in an open, permissionless, and immutable fashion.

Xverse CEO, Ken Liao, shared, “Xverse’s Bitcoin wallet puts the keys in creator’s hands, allowing them to secure their work directly on the Bitcoin blockchain and distribute it in a way that cannot be silenced. This is made possible through our secure design, and direct integrations with web3 apps like Gamma.”

The Artist Open Call is an opportunity for rising artists to showcase their work to a global audience. Six showcased artists will be selected by a curation committee of influential web3 curators. The committee consists of members from Art Blocks, 6529, Bright Moments, The Medici Collection, and others, and with experience in traditional art and auction houses.

“Gamma’s focus, from day one, has been to empower creators with simple and powerful tools to launch their works on Bitcoin. Together with Xverse, we’re bringing even more visibility and exposure to emerging artists from web3, and those interested in Bitcoin for the first time,” said Gamma Founder & CEO, Jamil Dhanani.

The gallery’s curation is co-led by Dennis Koch, Art Gallery Director for Bitcoin Magazine, and Hugo Pouchard, Art Curator & Advisor for Gamma and Xverse, ex. Christie’s, “Despite criticism from Bitcoin maximalists, Ordinals protocol is a remarkable technology empowering artists and their works in the long run. The gallery will explore the evolving relationship between the art world, the medium, and the crypto community,” said Pouchard.

About Gamma

Gamma is the open marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs, powered by ordinals on L1 and Stacks on L2. Gamma consists of three core platforms: a no-code creator launchpad, an open marketplace, and API infrastructure services, powering dozens of dapps and wallets in the programmable Bitcoin ecosystem. Its marketplace has facilitated millions of dollars of transactions and supports trading the largest number of collections on any platform built on Bitcoin.

About Xverse

Xverse is building the world’s most advanced and user-friendly Bitcoin Web3 wallet. Xverse empowers individuals across the world to access the true potential of Bitcoin for Ordinals, NFTs, DeFi and Decentralized Applications by delivering a beautifully designed, easy-to-use wallet. Available for iOS and Android as well as a Chrome browser extension, Xverse allows users to secure, manage and exchange Bitcoin on L1, as well as L2s like Stacks, and soon the Lightning Network.


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