Cushing Terrell Denver Unveils New Downtown Office

Cushing Terrell Denver Unveils New Downtown Office

Cushing Terrell Denver Unveils New Downtown Office

The Cushing Terrell Denver team joins other businesses dedicated to reoccupying and revitalizing Denver’s downtown. Central to Cushing Terrell’s ethos as they were selecting and designing their new office space was a commitment to unlocking transformative opportunities and identifying holistic solutions for clients across sectors. Their new home in Upper Downtown isn’t just about providing a beautiful new space for the team and their clients—it’s about committing to the Downtown Denver community and contributing meaningfully to its future.

“This is a really important move for us,” said Laura Dougherty, Director, Denver. “We love this city, and we love that our local team could show off their talents within our own workspace, which is now central to it all. They have created not only a visually and functionally beautiful space, but one that reflects how deeply we care about the Denver community and all the defining characteristics that make it special.”

The selection and design of the space balances professionalism and whimsy. A signature mural sets this tone at the entry, tying in Cushing Terrell brand colors and iconography while paying homage to Denver landmarks and “easter eggs” personal to the staff. The primary workspace creates ample visibility in an open-concept core, bookended by two social hubs where the best light and views are reserved for all to enjoy.

“Over the years, our Denver team has quietly set itself apart by offering highly creative building design with integrated site planning services,” Dougherty said. “As this region continues to grow, so does the need to plan and design for the future more holistically with an eye towards making the best use of what we have to help people live better. We’re excited to meet that need.”

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About Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opens the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity. This foundation continues to define the firm and its multidisciplinary team today. Driven by empathy, the team works to design systems and spaces that help people live their best lives and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. With more than 425 team members spanning 30-plus disciplines and expertise across the commercial, education, government, healthcare, infrastructure, residential, and retail markets, the firm has offices in Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, and Washington. For more information about Cushing Terrell, visit

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EntertainmentCushing Terrell Denver Unveils New Downtown Office
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