Bing Gordon, Chief Product Officer at Kleiner Perkins, Joins eResonate Advisory Board

Bing Gordon, Chief Product Officer at Kleiner Perkins, Joins eResonate Advisory Board

eResonate Has Built a Social Network For Professional Live-Entertainment Enjoyment & Fan Community Connections

eResonate Media Corporation proudly announces the addition of Bing Gordon to its Advisory Board, marking a significant milestone in the company's mission to transform the landscape of live entertainment and fan engagement.

Bing Gordon brings a wealth of expertise in product innovation, business acumen, and a proven track record as a visionary in the media and technology sectors. As Chief Product Officer at Kleiner Perkins, Bing Gordon has been a key player in shaping the future of the social web and fostering groundbreaking applications and services. His extensive experience and influence have made him a highly regarded figure in the industry.

Jeffrey Yapp, CEO of eResonate, expressed his enthusiasm for Bing Gordon's involvement, stating, "As we endeavor to put the 'Social' back into 'Social Networking' and better align earnings with today's fervent fandom for professional content creation and distribution, it's an absolute thrill to have a vote of confidence from a business and venture capital legend like Bing Gordon."

Bing Gordon responded, "I've closely followed Jeff Yapp's career for decades, and he's often been at the forefront of major change in the media industry. I believe that eResonate could do for live entertainment what Twitch has done for video games and what Coursera has done for education, but for a much larger total addressable market than those two combined."

eResonate is poised to revolutionize the world of live entertainment by creating a network-wide platform that benefits professional artists, venues, and fans. Unlike traditional models, eResonate aims to significantly increase revenue and scale engagement across live performances, providing venues and talent with a more sustainable revenue stream.

Gordon and Yapp concur on the staggering potential of advertising revenue, with over $208 billion spent on online advertising in 2022 and a projected $354 billion by 2026. A substantial portion of Fortune 500 companies' advertising budgets is devoted to fans of live entertainment. eResonate will grant venues and talent access to audiences, engagement, and revenue that were previously out of reach, while fostering an authentic social networking experience and community for all users.

Bing Gordon's extensive experience includes his tenure at Electronic Arts, where he played a pivotal role in the company's growth and branding strategy. He also holds the honor of receiving the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Bing earned an M.B.A. from Stanford University and a B.A. from Yale University.

Jeff Yapp added, "Bing Gordon joining us marks a turning point for eResonate and the way fans consume live entertainment on a global scale."

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