Art and Technology Collide in Artridge New NFT Collectible Device

Art and Technology Collide in Artridge New NFT Collectible Device

Art and Technology Collide in Artridge New NFT Collectible Device

DUBAI, UAE, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At a blockchain exhibition held in Dubai, Thierry Chehab, an urban sketching artist, challenged traditional art norms by creating sketches of people and places using paint and paper, only to shred them and turn them into an NFT collection. This performance highlights the evolving nature of the art world, as the line between traditional physical art and digital art becomes increasingly blurred.

More details about the device and collection can be found at or on their Instagram page @xla_artridge.

XLA  Artridge, a project dedicated to promoting digital art in innovative and effective ways, is leading this change. Its motto is “Digital art needs an equally valuable form of presentation”. Nick Chesov, an entrepreneur at XLA  Artridge and former creative group head at BBDO, believes that “technology is creating new languages for artistic expression, which is ushering in a massive change in the arts akin to the introduction of sound in cinema or the graphic processing power of computers.”

Artridge’s design is the embodiment of this change. The team collaborated with a digital and 3D artist from the advertising industry and an independent industrial design studio . They carefully considered every aspect of the design, including its surface, shape, and user interaction. The result is far from a trinket or a keychain, but is rather an innovative design that equally embodies digital art and serves as an ideal vehicle for carrying and distributing NFTs.

The unconventional approach adopted by Artridge to the promotion turned into a performance. This was achieved through the listing of a specially crafted NFT collection in the Artridge store. The collection was developed by Andrew Kuzmin, 3D artist, who was also responsible for creating the distinctive visual identity of Artridge.

To create 500 collectibles, Artridge’s team used advanced digital art tools such as algorithms coded with ChatGPT, AI-generated visual objects, and the artist’s skill to develop a composition inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s style. The artist directed the machines, leading to the creation of a unique NFT collection.

“Art will need innovative and effective methods of distribution, which is why Artridge has decided to pursue this direction,” says Nick Chesov.

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